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Are we witness to the birth of a new breed of console? A console that through its own initiative creates games just for you? ..... Games as unique as you are? Introducing the EnGeniux OTON X.

This is Gamertag Gaming's exclusive interview with uber veteran, game developer, EnGeniux CEO and OTON X creator, Derrick Samuels as he launches the beta stage of the market's first autonomous game console.

This all new console sits in the same big league bracket and has attributes similar to other upcoming autonomous machines such as cars and home automation systems; the only difference is that the OTON, self-creates games, without human input. The system uses a custom algorithm with preset design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments.

Understand? No? Well if not it’s lucky that our editor @Tim_Horton_Boss got to have a quick chat with the creator himself earlier today. Speaking frankly, we wanted to know exactly what we were dealing with here, the OTON X is set to compete and in many areas has the potential to surpass the current market leading consoles (I think you know who I mean) and has the technology onboard that would better suit a Mars rover.

So, what exactly can we expect to see from this gadget ridden console killer?

  Red Unit (Oton X)
Red Unit (Oton X)

Here's what Derrick had to say to us.

So Derrick, the first and most important question is - Will the OTON X be compatible with already released ‘Next Gen’ games; games with already huge fan bases, blockbusters like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4?

“Yes the final retail version of the system will support any game".

The word 'autonomous' is a great word when it comes to creating the Next Gen gaming console but what exactly will the console be able to do that is 'autonomous'?

“Creates great games. You turn the system on, it will instantly create games. Also utilising voice controls. This is just one example of a huge number."

Does your algorithm produce a different individual gaming experience for each console owner?

“Yes, The combinations are endless!”

  Screenshot of UI Game creator
Screenshot of UI Game creator

In terms of graphics/frame-rate will we see a matched 60fps as produced by the current leaders?

“Yes, final retail version will be running that frame rate”

Will the gameplay style be more arcade over movie cinematic?

“A little of everything. Retro, classic and modern. Everything you see now.”

No disc drive and 'Cloud' Beta all suggest an 'always online system' if so, what are your reasons for this?

“To connect with our server for updates and other game assets but the final model can work without the Internet if the users decide to purchase OTON upgrade cards but that’s further down the line as we continue to develop."

BETA date & official release dates Derrick?

“Beta is up and running now as of last week. No official date for the final models. OTON is a very challenging product and now realize I have to give it proper time to develop and get feedback from the OTON community for the system to be a success.”

"Our timeline is: Beta UI and features, development unit and final retail unit. We’re taking the Oculus Rift approach. We need to get feedback from our community, media and developers to build an awesome console. Since we’re a startup we have to take a very selective approach toward development.”

During the beta testing, the project will offer crowdfunded OTON X (developer units) to early adopters and developers. The goal of the beta is to gain feedback on the user interface and to move forward with adding more features. More affordable than the current market leaders to boot, Systems will cost $99 for early bird units and $139 for standard units but be aware, these models will not have the built-in rear projector.

So ..... a console to rival the big dogs is officially on its way. The OTON X is at beta stage right now and wants as many participants as possible. Over one thousand users have already signed up for OTON beta testing, with the list growing daily. Of course Gamertag Gaming is on board.... will you be too?

  Oton Beta Now available
Oton Beta Now available

The Beta Details:

Available now the OTON beta key features are the “Home” auto game creation mock-up and the “Create Tab” functions.

However, testers can try the current UI version 2.0 and provide us with feedback to improve the UI.

EnGeniux plan to release the beta platform in three stages: 1. OTON user-interface beta

2. Game creation beta

3. Add-on features and functions

“We’re extremely excited about the OTON UI, and we eagerly await the feedback from the media and game community,” says OTON X creator and project manager Derrick Samuels.

“We need this big step to move the platform forward toward the final retail units!”

To find out more or to sign up for the Beta testing go to -

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Thanks Derrick!


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