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According to Talk Stephen King, a King-based blog, it appears as though the master of terror once scared himself while writing his infamous novel, The Shining. The March 7th, 1977 issue of Time Magazine included an article about Stephen King, as he just published The Shining. Written by Frank Sleeper, the piece written on King included a lot of inside information. One of those things being that Stephen King was scared of his own novel.

"It's the first time I was actually scared as I was writing," says King, 29, about his latest chiller, The Shining. The novel set in the shuttered Colorado resort hotel filled with menacing spirits centers on the father who is unable to control his rages."

In the article, King also discussed things such as his wealth, and the "trappings" that it comes with. He also talks about how he came to write Carrie, and what inspired him. On top of other things, the piece also included how much money he made off of Carrie and his terrifying vampire novel, Salem's Lot, and how he and his wife Tabitha King, were affected by his sudden success.

I'm glad I found out about this information, because I think it's important to know things like this. When someone who's notorious for scaring people senseless scares himself, it shows you how chilling his work truly is. King's Night Shift, a short story novel, is the most scared I've ever been while reading a book. Since then, King has always been a top idol of mine. While his writing as of late has suffered, and he can't quite reach the tippe top of greatness like he used to, he's done more than his fair share of terrifying everyone who knows how to pick up a book. And if you don't read, he's still scared you through the movies based on his books.

Stephen King will forever be one of the top horror maestros. No matter how dated his novels may be, decades later, there's still something in them for everyone who's a fan of the horror genre. I still have about six books by King that I've yet to read, but I'm always eager with excitement to absorb his writing. There's a reason people love this guy, he's overcome a lot in his lifetime, and has persevered through it all to the point that he's a common household name. Reading the Time article, it's clear to see that even King himself, didn't expect to become the legend that he is.

Out of the countless fiction novels I've read by King, I'd have to say that my favorite is either It, or Christine. But he has so many good bodies of work that it's hard to really pinpoint a favorite. Most importantly, most fans of Stephen King have a favorite book of his solely due to how well they relate to it. His characters are your neighbors, mailman, grocery store cashier, etc.

He writes real and relatable people into his novels, which makes them hit home to us all, and makes the terror of his vision real. But he doesn't just excel at writing horror, just look to The Green Mile and Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Both of which were adapted into two of the greatest films of all-time.


What's your favorite Stephen King book?


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