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Before I even start, there is one important thing to say.

I will try to make this text as spoiler-free as possible, however, I am going to metion some story segments that the film consists of. No details, just general info. If such level of spoiling is too much for you, don't read.

Good. Now, the firtst question I should answer in this review isn't 'Is it a good film?', as the bigest concern about new 'Godzilla' was 'Is it real Godzilla movie?'.

With clear conscience I can say - yes, it is real Godzilla. It looks like it should. Roars like it should. Fights like it should. Throws beautiful, blue atomic fire. Like. It. Should.

Thanks to video-rental store, which existed for some time in my city, I managed to watch several old movies about King of Monsters. When I saw new incarnation of Godzilla fighting, throwing other monsters on buildings, punching them with its tail, frying them with blue fire... I thought 'It is it'.

Nobody trys to make us believe that Godzilla or other monsters could play hide and seek with militaries, cities get comletely devastated and the real hero of the movie is the only thing capable of stopping other monsters. Everything is on its place.

With that sorted out, our second big question. 'Is it a good movie?'. Well, now we come to a tricky part. Without a doubt, it is a good film, but your expectations may easily ruin the experience of watching it. It isn't as straigthforward monster movie as you could assume from the first part of this review.

New 'Godzilla' trys to make our typical, action-packed monster movie a little more mature. Less 'Hurray, huge, awesome monsters beating each other, yeah!'.

You know, classical monster movies are like old comics, silver era and some of bronze era. They are fun, but redoing them now the same way would look ridiculous. That's why new 'Godzilla' is more serious. It has better backstory of monsters, obligatory but not so melodramatic story of a soldier and his familly and some extra meaning of the events.

It isn't like 'Pacific rim', which enjoyed absurds of its genre. Danger is treated more seriously in 'Godzilla'. There is no, I don't know, cheering on King of Monsters beating other beasts.

I mentioned silver era comics. So maybe its the same for monster movies as 'Watchmen' for comicbooks? Missed again, sadly. If there is one thing conecting those two it's... a watch. The watch which stopped in the moment of nuclear explosion in Hiroshima. Such elements build new serious Godzilla.

I would say it is like 'Batman: Begins'. Good film, takeing its genre and makeing universally good and fun film. And good base for fresh, modern series.

Before I finish, just one last thing. Some people may try to spoil you fun of watching new 'Godzilla' by pointing out problems with scientific side of it. Ignore them. Who cares about the possibility of existance of creatures feeding with radiation? Don't listen to such malcontents.

Just enjoy the movie. Enjoy the Godzilla.


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