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With the success of the CW series Arrow it is not a surprise that we are getting more comic book based T.V. shows. Fox has recently announced that they are making a series surrounding the fictional city of Gotham. CW has also announced a Flash T.V. show based from the Arrow universe. With Constatine, iZombie, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 in the works what more can we expect from Comic books being adapted into tv shows? I would guess that the number of these kinds of shows would only multiply and here are my theories on how the networks would deal with making more comic book based T.V. shows.

Possible future T.V. shows:

The suicide Squad in arrow
The suicide Squad in arrow


Arrow has expanded it's universe bigger than anyone expected. it is possible that we maybe getting more spin-offs other than [The Flash](movie:15273). They introduced us to the Suicide Squad in season 2. It's big question mark if there going to make a spin-off series about the adventures of the Suicide Squad but I won't be surprised if C.W. does.

Edward nigma
Edward nigma

When FOX released the first trailer for [Gotham](series:1127075) it was revealed a handful of villains in their youth namely, catwoman (selina kyle), the penguin (oswald cobblepot), The riddler (edward nygma), etc. There is a possibility that Fox may used them for a spin-off since Gotham will not focus on them in every episode.


The Riddler could have his own series about his origins and how his obsession with riddles developed.The story would be about him having trouble fitting in to society because of the way he deals with situations. I would guess that they would make flash backs (much like in arrow with island flash backs) about him being bullied as kid for being different, but as of now we can only wait and see how fox will deal with his character.



This is a long shot but imagine this after 9 or 10 seasons of Gotham we see the final scene of the show we see Alfred talking to a grown up Bruce Wayne

Alfred: are you Sure this is what you want to do master Bruce
Bruce: this is what This city needs.

The final 2 seconds of the show cuts to a close up view of Bruce while he puts the cowl of batman.

Again this is a long shot and fox would need to pay a shit-ton of money just so they could get the rights but i'm always open to possibilities.

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