BySiddharth Saikia, writer at
Siddharth Saikia
The season 2 of the tv series of Arrow was a good showcase for Stephen Amell's acting talents. Amell has always been at his weakest when he tried to convey Ollie's carefree, playboy facade. There's a methodical, intense aspect to his acting that doesn't really mesh with that aspect of Ollie's personality. Luckily, that wasn't an element that very often came into play in Season 2. Ollie was haunted by demons and shouldering heavy burdens throughout the year. He suffered more often than he succeeded, and Amell conveyed that pain well. Most impressive was the way Amell was so capable at portraying Ollie at different periods in his life. We saw plenty more of Ollie's life on the island in the various flashback scenes. Having already spent a year fighting for his life against men like Edward Fyers and Billy Wintergreen, flashback Ollie was closer to the man he is in the present, but not all the way there. And we even caught glimpses of a pre-island Ollie, most significantly in "Seeing Red." More than the changes in hairstyle or fashion, it was Amell's purposeful shifts in vocal intonation and body language that differentiated the different versions of Ollie. It truely deserves a 9.2 rating..

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