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Hey guys, my name is John, and I'm an inspiring actor, who loves watching movies!!
John Pride

The Film Industry has been thriving for the past 10 years, through the power of CGI, great film direction, and great writing. (Oh and those cameras that film the action.) and much more upgrades sense have been coming through. The power of Film has become much more accessible to even to us simple minded folk. Whether you are filming your cat doing something silly, or filming a new blockbuster hit, the possibilities to film are endless. Yet that leaves us with the question, why are there still bad films in the film industry?

Before you go off on me saying that the perspective of a film is different with every person, I will say I agree with you on that. However I am talking more about movies that seem to suck the life out of a film. There have been some real stinkers to hit the box office, yet they continue to rise again and again. So how come these films that have no solid plot, bad character development, and tend to throw curve balls at you, keep coming back? Is it because people want another sequel to a bad movie? I really think its much more then that. I think its because the film industry is getting lazy; and they don't care what they throw out on the big screen. So why isn't anybody calling the film makers out on this one? Also why aren't we slapping the wrist of the film industry as a whole?

Yes I know it seems a bit rash to jump out and say the film industry is getting lazy, but wouldn't you say there are some bad movies you wish you could un-see? Its all up for debate whether you want to go see another transformer movie, or whether you want to see the next rebooted superhero movie. However the big question we need to ask ourselves is why do we continue to go see these horrid movies that come out? Well its probably due to the fact we have allowed it.

In order for something to get out of hand, people will have to have a say in it, but if those same people tell you no, this ain't gonna fly, so what ever was trying to get out of hand, for the most part will not become a problem. So why aren't we calling the film industry out for being to lazy?

The film industry thinks they can slap stick up a poorly written screen play, then shove it into our eyes. (See what I did there :D) While I will still say there are a great movies that are still being produced, by great directors, and great writers, and all of the rest of the things that go with making a good movie. I have to say I am grateful for those devoted people, I think the ones who are kicking the dead horse need to be dealt with.

Now I'm not pointing my fingers directly to anyone, but I think we need to deal with the ones who think what ever they type up will be a great film whether you want it or not. I guess a good example would be The Avatar the Last Airbender film adaption. The movie was so bad when it hit theaters, that I wanted to go sit in a corner and rethink my life. However it was allowed, so what is the problem here?

The problem is that we aren't calling movie makers out when they are coming out with something they state is going to be "Revolutionary to the film industry." When its already been done in another movie. The film industry seems to think that we aren't giving a damn what they throw at us. So they continue to make these horrid films and keep putting them up on the big screen. I think its time we throw the hammer down. (Thor style ;D) And call the film industry out on what they have been giving out to us. Its time to slap directors wrist when they keep producing horrid monstrosity's. So do you agree with me on the film industry getting lazy, or do you think I'm bat shit crazy, and need to go take a chill pill. Leave your thoughts and comments down below.


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