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There's a lot of hype in the cinema world about the upcoming films of 2015 & 2016. If you think about it, there are a lot of great looking films coming out. Finally the long awaited Star Wars: Episode VII; along with, Jurassic World, Age of Ultron, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first untitled Star Wars spin-off film, and many others.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

For all of you Marvel fans out there, I'm sure you can't handle the wait for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But for me, that's my least most anticipated film for next year. You can say what you want, but when I comes to Marvel movies, to me, they just aren't as exciting as they used to be. The Winter Solider set the bar for Comicbook movies for Marvel, I was really impressed with it, given it was yet another Marvel movie and I didn't care for the first one all too much. After watching it I thought, "Wow, Marvel might actually be upping its game on badass Comicbook movies; but they are kind of going downhill for me. They're trying to push too many superhero movies out too soon. I understand there's a huge audience for it, but come on. They will run out of ideas eventually, and then what? Do reboots of them for eternity? I'll see The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but not in theaters. I'll wait for the Blu-Ray. But there is one Marvel Movie I am curious to see, also being released in 2015, Ant-Man. Starring Paul Rudd & Michael Douglas, it should be a very interesting film. We will see how Paul Rudd does, we don't need another Ryan Reynolds.

Jurassic World

As most of you are aware, Jurassic World has begun filming. I have wanted this movie to happen for quite sometime now. I loved it as a kid, all of them, I'm not ashamed! Yes the second one was sort of cheesy and Vince Vaughn didn't fit into the world of Jurassic Park but as a kid, hell yes! They were awesome! But I still love the classic, and for them to be re-amping the series, I couldn't be more excited! There hasn't much released about the film yet, other than the beautiful concept art that was release sometime ago. (If you want to see more of the concept art Click Here) To be released June 12th, 2015; I can't wait to see what's in store for the newest instalment to an iconic series and with the sequels they will more than likely bring into Jurassic World.

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

As everyone is aware of, the upcoming Man of Steel sequel just got it's "official" title, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And I don't know how I feel about it. If you want to see what I think about the new title, click here. I am having mixed feelings about this movie. I get excited, and then when they release the next thing, I get skeptical all over again. SO, I'm not sure what to think about this movie anymore. I want to be excited about it To be released in 2016, I hope the next thing they release is better than the title. There are so many elements that could make this movie great! If you want to know five reasons why this movie could be great, click here.

Assassin's Creed

There is a lot of speculation about this film for the soul reason that video games that are turned into movies never do well. But I think this movie has a lot potential because they video games have been so well made that they are already almost like movies, but I'm not saying they should do one of the video games. With many comic book series in the Assassin's Creed franchise, they can make the Assassin's Creed film a great film, and if it does well, sequels I'm sure. I'm excited to see what they bring into the films. I am a die hard fan of the games, and with Michael Fassbender starring and producing the film, it has to be good.

Star Wars: Episode VII & First Spin-Off Film

Probably the most anticipated film of 2015, Star Wars: Episode VII, this film is the film I am looking the most forward to in 2015. I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid. Ever since I saw A New Hope I instantly fell in love with the saga. And when the prequels came out, I was even more excited. Yes, the prequels probably should have never happened, and George Lucas ruined his own saga. But, I have faith J.J. Abrams can bring the saga back into full swing with this next film. I can not wait for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. When I first heard Disney bought the rights, I lost all hope for humanity. Then they announced J.J. Abrams was going to direct and still work with George Lucas on the story, I couldn't be more pleased. To be released December 18th, 2015, I will be anxiously waiting to see. But about these spin-off films, I'm not sure how they will be. With a recent announcement that Godzilla director (to see my review on Godzilla, click here), Gareth Edwards will be taking on the first spin-off film. Which leaves me with so many questions about how or what the spin-off films will bring to the Star Wars universe. Discuss the spin-off movies, take your mouse cursor and click here. Having a release of a new film every year starting with Star Wars: Episode VII, I can not wait to see what is to come with the series.


What film are you most excited about for 2015-2016?


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