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Want to learn to surf this summer. You apparently can't learn to surf without a mentor because every surf movie has a mentor. Here are five movies that will teach you everything you need to wax up your board and shred those waves.

Chasing Mavericks (2012)

If you’re thinking about paddling out to catch some waves nothing will deter you more than watching the dedication it takes just to paddle out. Can you hold your breath for 4 minutes? No. Well, come back when you can. And, you better not be late. Then again you better not be early either or Gerard Butler will quit training you. In reality, Gerard Butler almost drowned during filming so, yes; you seriously need to start training. Now!

We all come from the sea, but we are not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we children of the tides, must return to it again and again, until the day we don't come back leaving only that which was touched along the way. - Frosty

Blue Crush (2002)

If you’re a girl then this movie will show you just how much fun it is to be girl. If you’re a guy, this movie will teach you that girls surf better than you. And, they have more fun. If you're a professional quarterback, you'll learn that it doesn't matter. Girls are still better than you.

Somebody gotta go to college, and it isn't going to be me. - Anne Marie

Point Break (1991)

If you thinking about learning to surf this movie says “its cool” and “its never too late”. What? You’re 25. Don’t worry about it. Also, if you happen to be an FBI agent, all young, dumb and full of…well, bravado. Then you better be careful and not get too tight with the surfer criminals you’re trying to catch. And, if you’re a criminal, you don’t have to go to jail. You can just paddle out and die surfing, as long as there is another 50-year storm on the horizon. You might have to wait a while.

So, you still have learned what riding waves is all about? It's a state of mind. It's that place where you lose yourself and you find yourself. You don't know it but you've got it." - Bodhi

Big Wednesday (1978)

If you’re young, this movie will show you what is ahead of you; a lot of partying and a lot of fun days at the beach with great friends. What is surfing if you can't paddle out with your friends. If you’re old, this movie will teach you what you missed because the surf was always better yesterday. It was a lot better 30 years ago. If you live on a pier, well then, this movie will show you that you are wise and need to be revered and possibly start your own surf shop. And, if you’re already good at surfing, no matter how drunk you are, you are always good at surfing.

"That's when you need a friend, when you're wrong; when you're right, you don't need nothing." - Bear

North Shore (1987)

So, now your ready to grab a board, and head to the north shore of Hawaii. No, you’re not. I don’t care if you’re a surfing champion. Where did you learn to surf? In a toilet bowl? This movie will teach you a lot of things about surfing. Number one. You suck and you’re a barney. What’s a barney? That’s you, Barney. Number two. When the wave breaks here, don’t be there. Number three. As long as you are mentored by a soul surfing, board-shaping guru, you too can win the Pipeline Masters (or at least place 2nd). What does 1st mean to us soul surfers, anyway? Barney. Now give me a board that works. My board. And, don’t forget. After you master all this you can always fall back on your art scholarship in New York and forget everything you just learned.

Don't even touch barno, that rhyno-chaser don't need no big howley hand print messin' up its whole trip - Turtle (nobody listens to Turtle)


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