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So you're probably wondering why I'm putting up a picture of a Batman v. Superman poster that says 2015 (Now, it's Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice). This is another theory article, so time to be open-minded.

What I thought they could have done!

Honestly, You done want to announce a movie that you're making without a script! I had so much hope for it to compete with Age of Ultron, I'm still hopeful that the movie will be good. However, I had a way how these movies would turn out.

Man of Steel (2013) - After all the events, scene in the Daily Planet introduces Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent shakes his hand.

Batman Reboot (2014) - No origin story. Batman has been investigating how people are being genetically-altered. Villain being Man-Bat or Killer Croc. Lex Luthor is introduced in the end. Bruce Wayne is informed on what happened in Metropolis. Batman sees Superman flying in the sky.

Wonder Woman (2014) - WW is born years ago and is given gifts from the gods. She is trained by the other Amazons. Simultaneously, Barbara Minerva is an archaeologist that finds another civilization of the Amazons (not WW's) and is eventually granted the power of immortality along with a body that resembles a Cheetah. WW visits "man's world" and eventually has a confrontation with Cheetah. After Cheetah's defeated, WW is made the ambassador for the Amazons.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest (2015) - Superman is constantly helping the efforts in rebuilding Metropolis and builds a positive image for himself by saving many people. WW has a small appearance in the movie. Lex Luthor funds rebuilding Metropolis. Batman's investigation leads to Metropolis. Superman and Batman have a small confrontation and find out each other's identities. Some of the Kryptonian materials are found and are used to make Metallo. They eventually fight Metallo and it shows Superman is weaken by Kryptonite. After Metallo is defeated, Superman and Batman momentarily go their separate ways.

Flash (2015) - Barry Allen works in forensics and is shot by lightning. He obtains the Speed Force. He stops multiple criminals including Captain Cold. Eventually, the generically-altered Gorilla Grodd is included as the main villain. After defeating Grodd, Barry discovers that more animals and people are being subject to these alterations.

Aquaman (2016) - Tom Curry and Atlanna have a child, Arthur Curry/Orin. As the child grows up, he starts to develop feats that normal people regularly can't do. Orin grows up to be a lightkeeper with his father. Throughout the movie, he saves people from ocean-related and non-ocean related situations. The villain is Ocean Master and Mera is introduced. Aquaman becomes the king of Atlantis.

Green Lantern (2016) - Green Lantern (John Stewart or Hal Jordon) is looking for Sinestro, who now has a Yellow Lantern Ring and has gone rogue. Other races are mentioned and introduced (Thanagarians, New Gods.) Sinestro is defeated and there is a small cameo of Hawkgirl.

Justice League (2016) - Martian Manhunter is introduced and the White Martians are the villains. The World's Greatest Heroes band together to stop the alien invasion. After the invasion, they establish certain territories others can't interfere (Ex: Batman takes Gotham.) Lex Luthor is seen with Mercy Graves (An Amazon) and meets Vandal Savage.

This isn't that well thought out, but you see some of the connections. The genetic alterations like Man-Bat and Grodd or cybernetic villains like Metallo. Then there would be a Cadmus tie-in. I think other stories they could include like the Intergang (Darkseid tie-in) for MoS2 and the Female Furies for WW2.

Tell me what you guys think. How did you want the DC universe to turn out?

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