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Because no one should have to wait for the sequel to SyFy's (an NBC Universal property) surprising hit property, Sharknado! The network has decided to release the sequel [Sharknado 2: The Second One](movie:1228437) (I'm not being snarky.... that's the title!) in 86 countries within 24 hours of the film's US July 30th premiere. So, if you live in territories including the U.K., Australia, Asia, France, Germany, and Latin America, fret not! A tornado full of sharks is in your future. Again.

The film features series originals Ian Ziering and Tara Reid confronting their personal demons and uniting together to save the world from the crushing famine and poverty that plagues many countries to this day.

Just kidding. They fight flying sharks. And Tara Reid will probably show side boob. YAY SYFY!

(Courtesy of Variety)

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