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It's been about 9 to 10 months since the Man of Steel sequel was announced and fanboys and fangirls have been going mad. With the Batsuit and the official title revealed, this just got cooler.

Ben Affleck is Batman!
Ben Affleck is Batman!

Man of Steel

Now, let's go back to Man of Steel. It was a superior film, in my opinion. Sure it wasn flawless and not the Superman we all know and love, but be open to change.

It's Superman!
It's Superman!

The effects were pretty cool and that Cavill played a great Superman. He had so much charm, but that quality was written away by David Goyer. Luckily we have Chris Terrio writing the sequel script.

Fight or flight!
Fight or flight!

If you have been watching Arrow, you know that DC has been leaving room to grow for characters. Ollie is getting his sense of humor and better skills. I mean a story cannot have a perfect character, or else there would not be development.

He smiles!
He smiles!

There is talent without a doubt--but is there a good script?

You are not alone.

Humans were not the only intelligent species on Earth. Kal-El had been on Earth for a while and Zod transmited a message a fear. It's also a message of hope. Man of Steel was supposed to be a symbol of hope for the whole world. Also, Clark was isolated during the movie and wanting to save everyone. It think this message foreshadows the Justice League. Think about the franchise:

  • Justice Begins
  • Dawn of Justice
  • Justice League

Man of Steel inspired other heroes to step out of the shadows and fight for good.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

We learned that

  • Batman and Superman are in it
  • They will fight in an epic battle
  • Justice dawns

Dawn of Justice OBVIOUSLY refers to the Justice League, which this movie leads into. The ending of :DoJ will be so amazing, so don't miss it in two years. Dawn of Justice also refers to the fact that Wonder Woman and Victor Stone will appear in the movie. They won't have major roles, but the title notes that they will in fact appear.

The logo shows the Superman and Batman symbols in one piece. If you look closer, you can see that there is a slight scrape in the middle-bottom-right. You can also see the silhouette of Batman's cowl inside the 'S'. Of course, the logo lights up with yellow, representing the gold on Superman's chest.

Still, Dawn of Justice is a cool title and refers to the early adventures of the world's greatest superheroes. Very excited! We've learned a lot about DC movies in this past month. These two popular characters deserve all this attention.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is criticized so much and it's not funny. She'll be sensational, just watch. Get ready! She won't just be Diana Prince.

The Flash

I also want to say how cool it would be for Grant Gustin to appear in the movie. I've been saying that the universes should be connected for financial and crossover benefits.

Tuesdays at 8pm
Tuesdays at 8pm

Rumors have suggested that at Warner Brothers, Flash's Grant Gustin is a lock for the Justice League movie. For some time, fans and the actor himself have been wishing for Steven Amell to be in the Justice League.

Justice League

It's definitely coming and it is going to be A HUGE DEAL. Seven+ of our most iconic superheroes in one movie will be amazing.

One more thing!

They are beginning to film, so get ready for some Superman and Wonder Woman pictures!

cool fanart
cool fanart


Will you watch BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE in 2016?

'Nuff said for now.


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