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Logan Carnivalli

Just a few days ago, the news broke about The House of 1000 Corpses Director's new Movie, titled, 31. Due to the artwork of the upcoming film, many fans speculate to see another Captain Spaulding "Adventure", this time, in Prequel form. However, after a long brainstorming session (meaning I was taking a shower after the gym when coming up with this idea) I have created my own theory.

About a week or two ago, news broke that the famous Michael Meyers was once again returning to the big screen. At first there was no word on if it was to be the next installment of Zombie's franchise or a whole new reboot in itself. However, a few days ago, Scout Taylor-Compton, whom played Laurie Strode in Zombie's previous Halloween movies, took to twitter that she would be returning once again in the next movie. So with that being said, is Zombie coming back for Halloween 3, and if so, what is going to be the title of the film? I have heard many rumors of Halloween 3D, however, I doubt Rob will stoop down that low and make a corny name like that, lol. So in the meantime, I took it upon myself to name the movie for him. How about, 31. Yes, I said it. I believe that 31, is secretly the next installment of the Halloween franchise. I don't know how no one has noticed this yet, but the title, 31 kind of speaks for itself, meaning, October 31 = Halloween. The only thing I can not explain is the clown face, perhaps it is a revamped Michael Meyers, or perhaps a still from a flashback of one of Michael's many faces we saw in Halloween 1. Or, I could be wrong about everything and this could just be a movie called 31, lol. Anyways, what do you all think? Am I complete bogus, or do you think that Zombie's upcoming project, is indeed the next installment of the "Night he Came Home."


What do you think "31" actually is?


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