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To the select few who have watched the recent [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) trailer as closely as I have, they may have noticed a few interesting tidbits. The one that absolutely blew me away was this image above. Here we see what appears to be a giant severed head floating through space. It's actually a really big deal. This giant head is known as Knowhere in the Marvel Universe, and it is home to a cavalcade of cosmic comic book characters. One of the long time residents is a fan favorite character named Cosmo, a psychic astronaut dog (and no, a talking raccoon just isn't enough). It would be a lot of campy comic book goodness if the writers and directors kept it comic book accurate, but even if they don't, the existence of the Guardian's home base is a nice touch. It might not be as famous as the bat cave, but it'll make the fans smile.

This is Cosmo, the talking Russian space dog.
This is Cosmo, the talking Russian space dog.

The head itself is a pretty big deal as well. Notice it is a head, and that means it once belonged to something. In this case it belonged to what is called a Celestial. The Celestials belong to a race of god-like beings that have taken part in all sorts of interesting things. They are involved in things like making super heroes possible, judging humanity as unfit, and attempting to wipe out we poor lesser beings. In any case the Celestials are very cosmic, and it makes a person wonder what else Marvel has up their sleeves in this newly expanded cinematic universe. I know that I am personally quivering with anticipation. See Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters on August 1.


What cosmic character would you like to see Marvel unveil in the future?


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