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A star from ABC's The Middle took to twitter to announce that earlier this morning she met with none other than superhero's finest, Marvel, to discuss something that definitely has her exploding with excitement:

We're pretty excited too! A Ms. Marvel movie would rock!

The post was retweeted by the official Marvel twitter account, and Sher has been tweeting back and forth with none other than the editor of Ms. Marvel comics, Sana Amanat herself! As usual, any connections between actors/actresses and Marvel make everyone a bit curious! Could this meeting be for negotiations to play someone important in a Marvel Studios film?! Are her talks with Amanat suggesting her casting as Carol Danvers the marvelous [Ms. Marvel](movie:949779)?

Some fans speculated Eden could be reading up on the comics in preparation to play the role of Ms. Marvel on the big-screen, as many other actresses have done including upcoming film [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)'s Karen Gillan.

Though her portrayal on The Middle may be less than glamorous and a lot less than conventionally attractive; without the hair, make-up and braces from the show, Eden could definitely pull off a decent Ms. Marvel!

Eden Sher like you haven't seen her!
Eden Sher like you haven't seen her!

But alas! It seems it was not meant to be after all! After some buzz and wild speculation zoomed around the internet, Marvel's twitter took to post soon after her true intentions for visiting them. Which unfortunately let down some fans... and relieved others. Her visits with Marvel, owned by Disney, the same parent company as ABC, were simply focused on the promotion of tonight's season finale of [The Middle](series:755943).

But she got to grab some sweet Marvel comics straight from Sana Amanat so we call that a major win either way!


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