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Jason Squared
The Jasons are joined by special guest Chris Lamberth (comedian and host of "The Mundane Festival" podcast) to talk about Pacific Rim! They discuss giant monsters getting punched in the face, Clover vs. kaiju, Charlie Day and Charlie Hunnam, Godzillas and more!
00:00 - 02:13 = intro
02:13 - 22:30 = Pacific Rim (spoiler-free)
22:30 - 34:55 = Pacific Rim SPOIL-O-RAMA
34:56 - 37:02 = outro

Workin’ on the Godzilla podcast now. Thought I might share our take on the giant movie monster from last summer to tide you over. Enjoy!


P.S. Make sure to check out Chris Lamberth’s work. Dude is mad funny and deserves more notice.

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