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What is it about the bathroom that makes it such a dangerous place? Perhaps it's because we naively believe that we're safe in a, supposedly, private room. Whatever the reason, leave it to horror movies to remind us why we should never feel safe and secure, even in our own bathroom. The number of deaths that have occurred in bathrooms is large, but these are some of the most memorable.

Scream 2

Fun times listening to a couple get it on in the stall next to you? Sure. Until you end up with a knife in your ear.

Sleepaway Camp

Do you like to be the mean girl at summer camp? You may want to beware of the quiet, little girl who will stab you repeatedly while you're in the shower.


Numerous movies have cautioned ladies against relaxing and closing their eyes in the tub. Closing your eyes = unwelcome visitors in one, or more, of your orifices. Special shoutout to David Cronenberg's Shivers in this category.

Nightmare On Elm Street

Nancy, what did we just talk about? So, not a death, but it's still pretty scary.

The Lost Boys

"Garlic don't work boys." No, but holy water does. All we need now is an awesome dog to push you into your stinky, holy water demise.

Full Metal Jacket

Not technically a horror film, but it is certainly horrific. This is one of those scenes that you just never forget. Heartbreaking and horrifying all at once.


Starting your menstrual cycle is scary enough, but what if you never knew it was going to happen?! Death of girlhood.

I Spit On Your Grave 2

Fellas, you may want to think twice about kidnapping women and selling them into sex slavery. Unless you like the idea of being drowned in a feces filled toilet.

Henry; Portrait Of A Serial Killer

Few movies are as disturbing as this one and a lot of that is attributed to the fact that you don't see the murders so much as you hear them and then see the aftermath.

The Shining

This lady. She's so mad about dying in the bathtub, she never left! Yup, I still leave my shower curtain pulled back out of fear of finding this beauty queen waiting for me.

Fatal Attraction

Dan, I told you I wouldn't be ignored!

Final Destination

When Tony Todd tells you that you can't cheat death, I suggest you take him seriously.

Evil Dead 2013

What didn't happen in this bathroom? A blistering hot shower, a needle to the face and the ever popular self mutilation via shard of mirror.

I Spit On Your Grave

So, you actually believed that the woman you brutally raped wanted to have sexy time with you in the bath? Sucker! She just wants to castrate you.

Dressed To Kill

It may only be a dream sequence, but it's a thing of beauty. Steamy bathroom, pretty lady, cross dressing killer and straight razors. What could be better? Well, let me tell you...


A steamy bathroom, a pretty lady, a giant kitchen knife and a cross dressing killer who believes he's his own mother! Often imitated, but never duplicated; not even in the shot for shot remake. No one can touch the brilliance of Alfred Hitchcock when it comes to giving you a reason to be scared of something as innocuous as your shower.

Which bathroom death scene is your favorite?


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