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By now you probably know that Marvel is owned by Disney, giving them the rights to all the "Avengers" characters, and so far it has made them big bucks at the box office! But does it have to stop there? Or are the people at Disney secretly planning a whole new theme park specifically dedicated to our favorite heroes, to go along with Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios?

Hero Venture in partnership with Marvel Studios is already in the works on a Cirque du Soleil style traveling superhero theme park called "The Marvel Experience" (shown above), opening this year that will bring all of the characters to life with 3D, 4D, and even hologram technology, that will put fans into the comic books they love! But when asked if Disney could be working on something more permanent, Rick Licht, co-founder of Hero venture, had this to say,

“Nobody does theme parks better than Disney. They are the gold standard. My parents took me and my sister to Disney World when we were kids and to this day it is still the best trip I've ever taken. Disney set the table for me as that first taste of themed entertainment has always been top of mind in developing The Marvel Experience. Doing something bigger or more permanent with the Disney-Marvel family would be a dream come true, but we've got a ton of work to do before we get to even raise the subject. We can’t get ahead of ourselves. Once we build this magnificent beast and people see how truly special it is then we’ll be able take a step back, take a deep breath and address the other opportunities that are out there for us.”

Okay, now I have to rip your (and Rich Licht's) heart out, because Universal made a deal with Marvel before Disney bought the entity in 2009, making them the only theme park in the U.S. allowed to use the Marvel characters east of the Mississippi River. Yes, that means technically Disneyland could have Marvel attractions. There's just one problem with that... Where do you put them? Or what do you tear out to fit them in. And there's always the very, very slim chance that Disney opens their wallet and pays to get the characters away from Universal... But that's highly unlikely... So if you want to see this Disney Iron Man attraction you'll have to take a trip to Hong Kong in late 2016.

I know it sucks, but stop your crying! There's another recently acquired Disney franchise that is 100% allowed....Star Wars! With the Wizarding World of Harry Potter already raking in the dough for Universal Studios, it would be somewhat shocking if Disney World didn't capitalize on the gold mine they are allowed to use; the Star Wars franchise! They already have Star Tours at Magic Kingdom and they are busy working on another attraction! I bet with Episode VII coming out in 2015 you can expect even more rides dedicated to the galaxy far far away before it's all said and done.

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