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In today's industry, big studios are always looking for a new Harry Potter or Twilight saga, and once in a while, they find them. We know examples like Divergent, Hunger Games, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will keep us going to the cinemas and buying tickets just to know how these stories develop, and eventually, finish.

But we cannot forget sagas in cinema history have always had an important role in the business. Even when we rememember the basic ones like Star Wars, The Omen, Alien or Indiana Jones (please, skip that one with Shia La..., la, well, the guy from Transformers), there were a few that were hits on the screens and at the box-office, but didn't get enough elements to be continued, or properly concluded.

So, I have purposed myself to find 5 sagas that today, under the right focus and direction, would definitely be a success in modern times. Are you ready? These are my options:

5.- 2001 - A Space Odyssey

Hello, Dave. 
Hello, Dave. 

You can't deny, as the cinema lover you surely are, one of the greatest and most exciting moments in film history is our ancestor fellas finding that mysterious monolith. Mankind has reached such a level high of technology and science, that has lead us to think we're allowed to enter and conquer every planet and moon at our reach. Well, we can't... or at least we shouldn't.

The closer we are to Jupiter and Europe, the weirder things get. Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, based on the Arthur C. Clark books, had a sequel a few years later (2010: The Year We Make Contact) . Even though it's far off the level of its predecessor, the story was still interesting and had a beautiful ending. We can go, explore and do what we want with all the planets, except Europe.

What's in there? Why can't we have it? The monolith and the missing scientist Bowman are keys to discovering the answers, answers we could have had in the upcoming books, 2061: Odyssey 3 and 3001: Final Odyssey. Just imagine Peter Jackson shooting this material with his style, and WETA making the FX, doesn't sound bad, right?

4.- Grease

You're the one that I want
You're the one that I want

Chill out people, I'l explain myself. In modern times, I think we are at a point where we have more Glee haters than lovers, and after several flops like the Footloose and Fame remakes, we realize we haven't had a proper musical film in yeeeeears! It may be not my favorite genre (or yours) but we can't deny there is a big empty space for this kind of movies.

Travolta's most iconic film had its -awful- sequel in 1982, starring Michelle Pfeiffer (yep, you read right, Michelle Pfeiffer) and Maxwell Caulfield, and that was it. People knew for sure there was nothing similar to the Newton-John/Travolta chemistry on the screen, which, is quite true.

So, imagine folks, take back the name of the saga, write a powerful but simple story about teen love and take it to the cinemas with good and catchy songs. That could easily make us forget about all the bad luck we've recently had with musicals. Oh, and give Emma Stone a part.

3.- Analyze This & That

You... you're good, you!
You... you're good, you!

We have to take advantage of Robert DeNiro's current status: "let's make every script that gets to me!" Yes, he could have been wrong by making Grudge Match, but we have also seen in Silver Linings Playbook and Last Vegas, that he's still got that magic for comedies. So, why not closing his most funny saga? And no, we're not talking about the Fockers.

The explosive duo he made with Billy Crystal was insane and approached the mafia genre in a different way. It makes us think someone could come with a final adventure for this unusual couple. Maybe not a big hit, but it could work if it opens in low-seasons like April or October.

2.- The French Connection

What's your name, little boy? 
What's your name, little boy? 

Impossible to continue the story where we left it, but a remake -a powerful remake- could give us an amazing new saga, just like what happened with Fast & Furious. The figure of Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle set the style of this anti-hero character with the power of a badge. Now that criminal TV shows are so popular, I could say we have a potential audience that would go to see a movie with drugs, car chases and dirty cops on it.

Let's give the direction to Paul Greengrass and the script to Aaron Sorkin, and I'd say it would hit again. Let's not think of making a film worthy of an Oscar again, but capable of comparing to action films in a powerful way.

1.- The Chronicles of Narnia

  My country was made on Noble Hearts
My country was made on Noble Hearts

These books had so much potential that the resulting movies finally got at critics and the box-office. Let's say the first one was good, not excellent, but with enough elements to promise interesting sequels. Sequels that in deed were done, but not with the same magic or desire of improvement, and now we can watch them all-day-long on channels like Disney XD.

The creative choice of only following the Pevensie brothers' timeline was maybe not so good. The intermediate stories that C.S. Lewis wrote were even more entertaining than the films we saw. We cannot forget that each sequel of Narnia was produced by a different studio, so it could be difficult to find someone who dares to invest -again- in this universe.

But there were good things we can save from Narnia: Aslan was damn cool (he had Liam Neeson's voice guys!), and there is this book called The Magician's Nephew, that ingeniously narrates the origins of the Narnia Universe. Everybody loves prequels, right?


What saga would you like to return?


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