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Alfonso Cuarón's Academy Award seems to have done wonders for this already prestigious career. The Mexican director, who recently won the Best Director Oscar for his space thriller, Gravity, has been increasingly associated with several exciting upcoming projects, most notably the Harry Potter spin-off, [Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them](movie:1112558).

However, today we've heard the interesting, and perhaps even controversial, news that Cuarón could be the front-runner to helm a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. According to ComicBookMovie, the movie titled, [The Overlook Hotel](movie:504506), will examine the mysterious origins of one of horror's most famous and iconic haunted houses.

Schmoes Knows, who first came across the news, are reporting that the Children of Men and Y Tu Mamá También director has an exclusive right to say 'yes' or 'no' to directing the project. It is unclear if Cuarón has given a response, or even if this news is accurate. Warner Bros. have not commented on the rumors, although Schmoes Knows claims they have confirmed the news with two reliable sources close to the production.

Interestingly, Cuarón has previously stated that after Gravity, he wouldn't be adverse to directing a horror movie. He hasn't really tackled the genre yet, and it would be interesting to see how his hyper-realistic style and addiction to long-shots could be utilized to terrify.

The Overlook Hotel has been on the cards for over a year. Last year /Film explained that The Walking Dead Season 3 showrunner Glen Mazzara would handle scripting duties, although it's unclear if he is still attached to the project. /Film also reported some other horror experts, namely Shutter Island and Zodiac producers Laeta Kalogridis and Bradley Fischer, would also be involved in The Overlook Hotel.

It's rather curious that Warner Bros. have decided to create a prequel, despite the fact Stephen King recently published Doctor Sleep, a sequel to the original The Shining novel. However, according to the /Film interview with King, the movie - which he isn't necessarily enthused about - could be based on a prologue, called Before the Play, which was cut from his novel.

I'm really not sure how I feel about this.

Let me start of by explaining that Alfonso Cuarón is certainly one of the best directors working today, or for that fact, any day. Children of Men is my unassailable favorite movie of all time (achieving an unprecedented 9.3 rating on the famously hard-to-impress Mark-o-meter™), and as anyone in the Moviepilot office would testify - I do not waste any opportunity to sing either its praises, or that of its director.

However, The Shining is also incredibly special to me. Only last night I was explaining to someone how it is the one movie which should never be remade or tampered with. This prequel could potentially be seen as 'tampering' - especially if its story affects Stanley Kubrick's classic.

So I'm stuck in a bit of a limbo.

However, The Overlook Hotel will be going ahead no matter who directs it. I suppose if someone has to add to The Shining 'franchise' it may as well be my favorite director. Although, if the movie turns out to be terrible, I'm going to be left in one hell of an emotional quandary.

What do you think? How do you feel about a Shining prequel?


Is Alfonso Cuarón the right choice for The Overlook Hotel?

Source: Schmoes Knows


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