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It's no secret that J.J Abrams loves to keep a secret. The Star Wars: Episode VII director has a reputation for misleading the media and fans if it means maintaining the operational security and secrecy of his projects.

With [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) attracting so much attention, keeping the story and details under wraps could be one of his toughest challenges yet. However, he's got a plan, and it's a relatively severe one. Abrams has banned all actors and actresses from taking their scripts home.

Andy Serkis, who currently plays an unknown role, explained that the cast and crew were not allowed to "wander off" with the script, adding: "Security is very, very tight."

With this in mind, expect a lengthy outtake reel on the DVD release.

However, Abrams has been tentatively teasing fans with the odd snippet of information. For example, yesterday, in a video designed to raise funds for a new Star Wars charity, Abrams gave us our first look at Star Wars alien and set.

As the release date inches closer and closer, I think we expect more and more delectable nuggets of Star Wars news to come our way.

What do you think? Are you glad he's building excitement by keep details hidden, or would you rather know everything?


How much do you like to know before seeing a movie?

Source: The Daily Mirror


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