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Matt Carter

Filming is currently underway on The Walking Dead Season 5, and despite security around the production being tight, a few on-set images have been smuggled online.

The first image is of a house with a very suspicious stain above the door:

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, this house was being prepped for interior filming. I wonder what's going on inside? The blood above the door looks like something - or someone - had their brains blown out by a shotgun. Could this be where Beth is hiding / being kept captive?

The next couple of images are way cool, and come from newest cast member, Seth Gilliam. He uploaded them to his Instagram, but they've since been removed:

The second image is really freaky! It's not often you get to make eye-contact with the undead.

Bring on October already. I need my fix of [The Walking Dead](series:201193).



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