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With Teen Wolf Season 4 almost here I thought it was time we did a recap on Season 3. Let's see, where do I begin?!

After the summer Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison and Issac are back at school for their junior year, but unlike normal teenagers they had to deal with a new Alpha pack in town, which included the Alpha twins Ethan and Aiden (Charlie and Max Carver) and an evil Darach performing human sacrifices.

Scott being the hero that he is, he just had to save the day, with the help of Stiles, Allison, Isaac, Derek and also Chris Argent. We also learn Lydia is a banshee, which is why she was always the one finding the dead bodies and it turns out our little Scott is a True Alpha, not surprising since he's a natural born leader.

In the end, in order to save their parents from being ritually sacrificed, Scott, Stiles and Allison had to become surrogate sacrifices and die themselves.

These are a few of my favourite moments from Season 3A

Moving on to 3B, it can all be summed up into one word: "Stiles". Yup most of Teen Wolf 3B revolved around our goofy fun loving sidekick, except he wasn't quite himself. Dylan O' Brien who plays Stiles Stilinski got to take on a new role this season, the role of the villian. At the start of 3B Scott, Stiles and Allison are suffering from the side effects of, well, dying.

But they manage to pull together in order to save Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig), a girl who has been trapped as a coyote for eight years, only to realise they now have bigger problems to deal with.

Once again Scott is crushing on the new girl Kira (Arden Cho) who turns out to be a Kitsune, a fox spirit.

Just as we think things couldn't possibly get any crazier, we find out an evil spirit called the Nogitsune is possessing none other than our very own Stiles Stilinski.

After Stiles goes missing, we finally see that the Nogitsune has taken over his mind and is threatening to kill everyone he loves. Once again Dylan and Tyler's amazing acting was what made this scene between Scott and Stiles so much more heart breaking.

Speaking of amazing acting, Dylan O'Brien's portrayal of Stiles the tortured soul and the evil nogitsune was a phenomenal performance that you will never forget!


Kira's mom turns out to be a 900 year old Kitsune who released the Nogitsune in the first place and is now on a mission to kill Stiles.

After Stiles/The Nogitsune tried but failed to killed Scott, thanks to Deaton who saved the day...

...Stiles checks into "Echo House", a mental asylum in order to protect his friends.

It wasnt all bad though, because he did end up loosing his virginity to Malia, only Stiles Stilinski can manage to get laid in a mental asylum.

But the fun didn't last for very long. Stiles as the Nogitsune returned and took over his mind, again. There was a huge throw down at Derek's apartment, a journey into Stiles' mind and the loss of one of our bravest soldiers, Allison Argent. She died protecting her friends, she died in the arms of the man she loves, she died a hero.

But that wasn't enough death for Jeff Davis, so he made us endure another one of our favourite characters dying, Aiden.

The Nogitsune was finally defeated, but that didn't mean they were safe. Teen Wolf season 3 left us hanging on a crazy cliffhanger that no one saw coming. KATE ARGENT IS BACK!! And we have no idea what the hell she is!!

By the end of the season we ended up doing exactly what the season 3B tagline said, we lost our minds.


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