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With Sons of Anarchy's seventh and final season still a while off, here are some minor spoilers to tide you over until September. As I said, they're not exactly going to ruin the series for you, but if you prefer to keep yourself pure, then perhaps you best not read on.

E! Online's Spoiler Chat recently threw up a load of information for several upcoming shows, including [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186). From the sounds of things, we should expect to become acquainted with a bunch of new characters. E! Online stated:

When Sons of Anarchy returns next season, prepare to meet a whole lot of new faces including a soldier who doesn't put up with any b.s., an imposing jail guard, and Alice Johnson, an uptight sheriff with an edgy sense of humor.

The final character was already known to us, as it was revealed earlier this week, however the other two revelations are new as far as I know. As of yet, we do not know who has been cast in these roles.

How excited are you for Sons of Anarchy Season 7? Let us know below.


Are you sorry to see Sons of Anarchy ending?

Source: E! Online


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