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So I finally saw Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not the worst superhero movie ever made, but definitely not the best. I will say that growing up Spidey was always my favorite superhero, so I may be more critical of his movies. But even with that in mind this movie had issues.

I still feel that Spider-Man 2 (Tobey McGuire/Sam Ramey) is the best of the Spider-Man movies. I also want to state that I believe in those movies Tobey McGuire did a better job of portraying Peter Parker, but in the new movies we get a much better portrayal of Spider-Man. In the new movies Spider sense seems to be consistent and Spidey is finally wise cracking as he should. But I feel at times the Peter Parker in these films is not nerdy enough.

Jamie Fox did an excellent job as Max Dillion/Electro. I feel the character was well fleshed out with plenty of motivation for his actions in the movie. Everything about the character was well done and a pleasant surprise in the film.

In contrast Harry Osborn/Green Goblin I feel was handled horribly. I feel this in no way was the fault of Dane DeHaan, but more over an issue of script and editing. Everything about Harry felt rushed. I had a hard time believing the friendship between Peter and Harry and in the final battle everything felt too convenient to simply set up the ending they wanted to portray.

Also even though I enjoyed the scenes with the Rhino they really felt thrown in and a bit overkill. I also question the casting of a brilliant actor like Paul Giamatti in what turned out t be such a minor and one dimensional role. Hopefully we will see more of this character in the future and the casting choice will pay off then.

I give Sony credit for listening to some of the criticism from the last movie and making improvements in this film based on them (the costume). But you missed the mark in so many other ways.

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