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Ariel Jones

Alright Batman and Superman fans! We now have the title and logo to the anticipated movie. Is this enough to keep fans interested in spite of some unrest in the DC world concerning the making of this film?

I will admit, I am a bit more curious as to how the story will unfold and how many Justice League members may or may not make an appearance. I was slightly impressed to hear about Cyborg joining the crew and it got me thinking:

Who else could show up? What villains could show up?

Supergirl? Batgirl? Green Lantern? Robin? Joker? Bane? (the possibilities are endless at this point!)

For me, I would LOVE for the Joker to show up somewhere in the mix and meet Superman for the first time. I want to see how this Superman would react to Joker and his antics.

Which heroes and villains would you like to see in the upcoming [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)?


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