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This article was originally published on Project-Nerd by Iggy Michniacki.

The news is building for The Expendables 3, but the rumors for the female Expendables movie are still just floating around in the air with plenty of people wondering when it will become reality. Whether it ends up happening or not, the recent trailers for the franchise have made us think, “what would that all female team look like?”

Even though we don’t get to cast the actual movie, we came up with our list of The 10 Should-Be Female Expendables!

Gina Carano

I understand that Gina Carano doesn’t jump out to many at first, but take a look at this. She was on the television series Fight Girls, and even a model and voice actress for the hit game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. She quickly dismantled a large amount of manly muscle in Haywire and is recently rocked it in The Fast and the Furious 6. This isn’t a seasoned action star, but she’s definitely becoming a factor.

Lucy Lawless

Woah, old news. Lucy Lawless, better known as Xena, isn’t an immediate factor in the action genre, but isn’t that what The Expendables is all about? Lawless is a washed up action starlet, ready to show she still has the muscle to make things happen. The poster-child of the franchise.

Milla Jovovich

Perennial badass! From The Fifth Element to the mega-franchise that is Resident Evil, Jovovich is an obvious choice for this team. She can not only bring action, she’ll be the acting center piece for the movie as well. Probably our best on the list in terms of acting, meaning if she really does get cast that she’ll see very few lines.

Pam Grier

Going back in the direction of Lucy Lawless, Pam Grier is the old school action star that is ready to show the world she still has what it takes to kick some ass and take some names. Grier’s still acting on a regular basis, but she hasn’t had any recent opportunities to show off the muscle. Here is that opportunity.

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton hasn’t had the biggest success since her days fighting off machines in Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, but does she really need anything else on the resume beyond those two movies? Once again, this gives us the real Expendables feel, staying away from the youth with this pick keeps our age above the legal limit.

Lucy Liu

Another obvious pick right here. The martial arts expert who has a long line of successful action movies under her belt. Liu, like Jovovich, is an obvious choice; and if the studio doesn’t make an offer to her we’ll have plenty of angry movie-goers on our hands.

Angelina Jolie

I think another clear choice. Angelina Jolie has the sex appeal, the action star capabilities, and the ability to work with a large group of individuals (see family size). Her performance in Tomb Raider made her an action star, and she followed with Mr. and Ms. Smith, Wanted, and Salt, among others. I guess by the time we finish this cast, we’ll have a crew that acts much better than that of the first two Expendables.

Summer Glau

OK, this is a bit of selfish choice, based solely off of her role as River in Firefly and Serenity. But she also starred in the Terminator television series without a hitch. Glau is a quality action star that hasn’t had her big movie moment. The massive group of Joss Whedon followers know that she’s not somebody you would doubt. I even put her this high on the list because I think a female Expendables without her would be a shame.

Michelle Rodriguez

Could we have left her off this list? Michelle Rodriguez has become typecast for roles like this. There’s no exceptions. From the sassy sidekick with a fist in Blue Crush to one of the most badass members of the Fast and Furious franchise, Rodriguez is an action star. You don’t think so? I dare you to tell her that.

Sigourney Weaver

You didn’t think she would (or could) be left off the list, did you? Weaver is to the female Expendables what Sylvester Stallone is to The Expendables. She’s the star; the main piece of the puzzle. It all started with the Alien franchise, and it has never been the same since. When we say “woman action star” we think Weaver. I think she’s a good pick if we see another Expendables with or without women.

There’s plenty of other lady action stars that could fit on the team as well, some that will actually work on the project, once it moves forward, I’m sure. The arguments can be made for many but these ten would make a great team and would kick as much ass as the current male line-up does.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments below.

This article was originally published on Project-Nerd.


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