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When Disney bought Marvel Studios back in 2009, most of us expected that they would eventually do an animated adaption of one of Marvel's celebrated comic book franchises.

We were only half right. While "Big Hero 6" has been well-liked by many fans since the late 1990s, it's certainly the most obscure comic book property to ever make it to the big screen, let alone as Disney's animated follow-up to the insanely successful Frozen.

To be honest, that's probably a good thing, but before we start going over the world of BH6, don't forget to check out the trailer, which was just released today.

The characters depicted in the trailer are Hiro Hamada and his synthetic invention, Baymax. Hiro is a 13-year-old prodigy who manages to invent a shape-shifting synthetic that becomes his best friend, bodyguard and father figure.

Joining them is a team of super-humans with a diverse (and exciting) set of powers. Here's a brief rundown:

#1 Wasabi-No-Ginger

An original character in the BH6 universe, Wasabi is a highly skilled chef and amazing swordsman. He's able to focus his Qi energy into sushi knives, and he's even adept in martial arts.

The character was first introduced in the 2008 revamp of BH6, simply titled "Big Hero 6 Vol 1: Brave New Heroes!"

#2 Honey Lemon

Also known as "Whiplash," Honey Lemon's real name is Aiko Miyazaki (she named herself after a TV show). Though she doesn't have any powers of her own, she does have access to the "Power Purse" or "Nano-Purse."

She uses the purse to gather items through various wormholes across countless dimensions and other worlds. By shrinking them with Pym Particles (oh Marvel), she can bring the items out while performing her missions.

Aside from that, Honey is a trained martial artist and can hold her own in a fight. Also, her character is incredibly flirtatious, even with young Hiro. She appeared in the original BH6 story, "Sunfire & Big Hero 6," which was released in 1998.

#3 Go-Go Tomago

Go-Go is the aggressive hotshot of the group. A former criminal who joined BH6 to avoid jail time, Go-Go is fiercely independent and sometimes slow to take orders from anyone.

Regardless, she's one of team's strongest assets, and her powers prove that point. Her voice-activated exosuit allows her to absorb kinetic energy and create a barrier that grants her invincibility and flight. Additionally, a full transformation of her barrier turns her into a super-fast "powerball" of energy.

Go-Go is also an original member of BH6, having been introduced in "Sunfire & Big Hero 6."

#4 Fredzilla

A newer recruit to the BH6, Fredzilla (real name is Fred, if you can believe it) has the ability to project the aura of a kaiju (like Godzilla) that greatly increases his strength and size. It's eventually revealed that his origins actually tie in with S.H.I.E.L.D., but we can pretty much assume that will be left out.

Fredzilla was introduced in "Brave New Heroes!", and he will likely be facing off against Go-Go and Honey Lemon before actually joining the team.

Other characters?

Of course, there are other BH6 members that won't show up in the movie, which is for two main reasons. The biggest is that the movie is adapting the newer version of BH6 that was introduced in 2008. Also, the original characters include Silver Samurai and Sunfire as team members, but they are both characters from the X-Men universe.

Oh yes, he's *that* Silver Samurai
Oh yes, he's *that* Silver Samurai

Since Marvel doesn't own the rights to anything X-Men, those characters are off-limits, which forces them to stick with the "Brave New Heroes!" version.

For that reason, I encourage anyone curious about the film to start with "Brave New Heroes!" The film's plot and general direction will likely borrow from that continuity the most.

We can't really talk specifics when it comes to the film's story at the moment. The trailer is not very informative, and we can merely speculate on how closely the film will follow the comics (rumor has it that it will be very loose).

The comic, which was created by Man of Action's Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau, has many Marvel tie-ins that comprise the story, but those references may not be showing up in the film version.

The film's director Don Hall (Winnie the Pooh, 2011) explained this in a recent Yahoo! interview:

"I wouldn’t call the movie ‘based on’; it’s more ‘inspired by.' The universe we’re creating is not tied to the Marvel Universe. There’s no Iron Man or anybody like that. It’s a world of our own design. Really they’ve given us free rein to take this and make it our own."

What we do know, however, is that the movie will take place in San Fransokyo (a fictional combo of San Francisco and Tokyo), and it centers around Hiro and Baymax joining "Big Hero 6" in order to save the city.

Bonus: This won't be the last we see from Man of Action, either. They also created BEN 10 and were the writers and executive producers behind Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Avengers Assemble. We'll be seeing more of their adaptations hitting our screens small and big in the very near future.

Did I miss anything important or relevant? Let me know in the comments!


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