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As many know by now, the title for Batman vs Superman has finally been revealed. Various reports yesterday announced that the 2016 film will be entitled Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice. As soon as the title was announced, fans began to make assumptions like why Batman's name came before Superman, or the biggest assumption dealing with a particular team getting a impending film. Many fans seem disappointed as they were hoping that this title would feature World's Finest or have the Man of Steel moniker somewhere. However, the title to the upcoming film isn't as bad as some might think. You may think that's crazy but here's a few reasons why Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice does make sense as a film title.

Catchy Title

Not the strongest reason to gives this title the benefit of the doubt, but [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) does roll off the tongue. It is certainly is a name that sticks in your head; whether you are calling it Batman vs Superman or Dawn of Justice. Whichever name you wish to call it, it does leave for a strong name for a big-time film.

Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

Meaning Behind Dawn of Justice

At first glance at the name Dawn of Justice, everyone are probably thinking the same thing: The Justice League. With reports of Zach Snyder directing Justice League and the fact several characters are rumored to at least show up in the film, it is safe to say that the iconic superhero team played a role in the inspiration to the film's title. However just because we know the [Justice League](movie:401267) is coming does not mean Dawn of Justice could have another meaning. The filmmakers could easily play with the theme of justice and how both heroes follow this idea. Whether or not this is the filmmakers' intention remains to be seen, but it is an idea to consider., If Dawn of Justice seems to much for people, you could always stick with Batman v. Superman.

Batman and Superman are Both in the Title

If people are worried about which of the iconic heroes get top billing, then that probably the best outcome for this title. You can argue that movie should have been called World's Finest, but the fact that both Superman and Batman are in the movie's name was no doubt the best choice the filmmakers could make. Many see this film as the sequel to Man of Steel (which it is) and there was even a time where movie was going to keep the Man of Steel moniker. However, if that was route the filmmakers were going to go with, then the movie would have been Man of Steel 2: starring Batman. By having Batman and Superman in the name, it tells moviegoers that both characters play an important role in the film. For that reason the title tells us that even though DC characters will be making an appearances in the movie; the center of attention will be the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

Is BVS: Dawn of Justice too foreshadowing of a name? Yes. Would Batman/Superman: World's Finest be a better title? Perhaps. However, as it stands, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is what moviegoers and fans will have to get use to; and if that is the only problem people have with the film, then we should count ourselves fortunate.

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Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on May 6,2016.


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