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Dena Mendez

According to EW Game of thrones scouts have been looking for filming locations in Spain in preparation for Game of Throne's season 5, that will start filming this summer.

So far is just a rumor but if it's true Spain could serve as one of the Free cities where Daenerys Targaryen rules or Dorne, home of the Martell family and current residence of the princess Myrcella Baratheon.

I personally believe Spain will become Dorne: right now it looks like Dany is going to stay on Meeren for a while, Dorne and the Martell family are becoming an important part of the show so it would make sense to visit their home and meet some new family members and GRRM confessed that some of his inspiration for Dorne came from the moorish influence in some parts of Spain (which is mainly Andalusia).


Do you like the idea of watching Dorne is Game of Thrones? or do you want it to be a new city for Dany to conquer?


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