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A popular series in Marvel comics was the "What if" line of comics that would ask all sorts of mind blowing questions. Well, Here is my attempt to do that with- What if Steve Rogers is actually a Clone?

  Project Rebirth...
Project Rebirth...

After Steve Rogers foils Hydra's attempt to make off with Erkine's formula, a nurse takes several blood samples from Rogers. What if... After Rogers went missing over the Arctic Circle, SSR decided to go ahead and make clones of the only living Super Soldier?

What if... Steve Rogers actually died in that plane crash and the only thing they retrieved was his Shield?

Let's say SSR ( which later became S.H.I.E.L.D.) wasn't able to successfully grow a clone until the late 1970's (which would put the clone Steve Rogers in his early 30's now.)

The comics had their own version of this story with the Ameri-Clone.

What if... Steve Rogers' Clone was one of many, sitting in cryo-stasis much like the Winter Soldier?

What do you think?


What if Steve Rogers is a Clone?


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