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Game of Thrones "Mockingbird" - Recap & Review

Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones had some of my favorite scenes of the season so far! Even after watching it a second time around, I found myself just as excited and into it as I was the first tie around.

I am most interested in Tyrion's fate and was so happy to see the scenes between him and Prince Oberyn. I wasn't sure what to make of him at first but the more I see him interact with the Lannisters and I learn more about him, I am becoming a fan.

Jury is still out for me on Littlefinger though. I go back and forth between rooting for him, and wanting to see him suffer some cruel fate. Having said that, one of my favorite scenes this week was definitely Sansa, Petyr and Lysa. That was something I was VERY happy to see. With all that talk of the Moon Door, someone had to fly soon. Is it wrong to hope that maybe Robin is next?

Inside the Episode: Game of Thrones 407

House Lannister

After learning that Jamie is not a viable option to fight on his behalf, Tyrion also learns that Cersei has named Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane. He requests for Bronn to visit and asks him to be his champion. Bronn turns him down and explains that he's now set to be married and inherit a large sum, and he's not willing to risk it all.

Prince Oberyn pays Tyrion a visit and talks about his talk with Cersei days before. Oberyn tells Tyrion about the first them they met when Tyrion was just a baby, and how deeply Cersei's hatred for him goes. Oberyn declares that Cersei's hatred for Tyrion doesn't out weigh the love he has for his sister and her children. He wants to kill the Mountain for murdering them and agrees to be Tyrion's champion.

House Targaryen
Daario surprises Dany in her quarters with a proposal, to let him do what he does best. Their conversation ends with him loosing all his clothes sand spending the night. The next morning, Daario runs into Jorah leaving Dany's chambers and he didn't hide his disapproval.

Dany tells Jorah that she's ordered Daario and the Second Sons to Yunkai to execute all the masters. Jorah finds a way to convince her that what she's doing isn't the best choice. She sends Jorah to tell Daario she's been persauded by him to change the orders. Instead, send an embassador to Yunkai explaning that the Masters can either

" in my new world, or they can die in their old one."

"House Stark Jon Snow & The Night's Watch: After returning to the Wall, Jon Snow gives his report about the raid and suggests closing the tunnel. Alliser Thorne shoots him down and sends Jon and Sam on night watch on the wall.

Arya & The Hound: On the way to the Erie, Arya and the Hound come upon a man dying slowly from a wound to his stomach. After a brief conversation, the Hound puts the man out of his misery. While distracted, the Hound gets attacked by people looking to collect the bounty on his head. Arya knows the one of the men, and after remembering their unpleasant conversation, she puts Needle to use and crosses a name off her list.

The Hound's bite wound is getting infected and when Arya suggests burning it to close the wound, he is insistent on no fire. He tells her about when his brother pushed him into the fire when they were children. Eventually he allows Ayra to at least clean and sew up the bite wound.

Sansa at the Erie: Sansa explores an open courtyard at the Eerie during a beautiful snow fall. Robin comes bouncing into the scenes and asks what she is doing. Sansa explains that she created a snow castle replica of Winterfell so she could remember what it looked like. When Robin destroys the castle, Sansa smacks him and Robin runs off to tell his mother.

Littlefinger sees the incident and says Sansa was right for doing what she did. While they talk, Sansa asks him why he really killed Joffrey. Littlefinger explains that he did it for revenge for what they did to Catelyn, the only woman he ever really loved. He takes advantage of the moment and kisses Sansa (SERIOUSLY, yuck), and unbeknownst to them, Lysa is looking on from above them.

Lysa summons Sansa to the High Hall, and Sansa immediately begins to apologize for hitting Robin. Lysa grabs Sansa and threatens to thrown her through the Moon door because she saw her kissing Petyr. On queue, Littlefinger walks in and tells Lysa to let Sansa go. He gets her to do so by convincing talking about the only woman he's ever loved. Once Sansa was safe, and then tells Lysa that it was her sister, not her, that he loved, and pushes Lysa through the Moon door.

Elsewhere in the Realm...

Selyse Baratheon pays Melisandre a visit while she's taking a bath. They have a frank conversation about men and infidelity. Selyse doesn't want her and Stannis' daughter to make the trip with them, but Melisandra says they need her to go. I gotta say, the whole interaction between Selyse and Melisandre was weird. I find them both to be two of the oddest characters in the Game of Thrones universe.

Brienne and Podrick stop at the inn where Hot Pie is working, and through a conversation over Kidney Pie (again, yuck), Hot Pie learns they are looking for Sansa Stark. When he feels they can be trusted, he lets them know he did know Arya, not Sansa, and that last he knew she was alive and traveling with the Hound. As they set off again, Podrick suggests that maybe both girls may be at, or traveling to the Eerie. Unsure of that suggestion, they to take that path anyway.

What I Would Like to see Happen...

Well Tyrion to go free first off. But, since I have already been emotionally traumatized by this show multiple times, and refuse to trust them again, I am pretty certain that won't happen. I would also like to see Cersei get a little humble pie shoved in her face. Maybe even a little of that special wine Joffrey drank to wash it down. And Arya, my dear sweet Arya. I cannot wait to see her shove Needle through a few more of those names on her list.

I'd also like to see a reunion of some sort for the remaining Stark children. I am no where near caught up with the books so, no spoilers please. I want to wallow in the heart-wrenching goodness that is Game of Thrones the show.

Only three episodes left. Doesn't seem real.


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