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Well, here we are. The moment the entire Revolution fandom has been dreading for weeks. A season finale is always an exciting, yet anxious moment with your favorite show, but a series finale is something else entirely. Especially when said show has no business ending because there is so much story left to tell.

Yes, Revolution is one of my favorite shows, so I am of course a bit biased. But I cannot help question why NBC felt this show wasn’t worth renewing for another year. You could dive into the ratings and advertising argument; money is the root of all evil after all. You can even argue the fact that NBC didn’t own the show, so they favored renewing their own shows over rentals. The main reason that keeps coming to mind though, is that they didn’t know what to do with a show like Revolution.

Was Revolution’s Sci-Fi too Much for NBC?

I think it’s a fair question. When I look back at the type of programming that has been successful for NBC, science fiction is not a genre that comes to mind. In fact, when I think of any real Sci-Fi heavy programming on the big networks, ABC and FOX are the ones that come to mind, along with the CW and of course, SyFy. Giving a show like Revolution a shot in the first place seemed odd to me, but when they gave it a full second season renewal, I was impressed by their continuing to air a show that wasn’t in their nature.

It didn’t take too long into the second season to realize that they weren’t firmly pushing their package. Instead, moving it to a family hour time slot mid-week, then giving it several long hiatuses, proved the point that maybe NBC wasn’t the best home for Revolution. When they news finally came down that they cancelled the show, the fandom immediately took to Twitter and voiced their displeasure. The campaign was born. Petitions emerged, forums were created and our own personal social media accounts grew leaps and bounds with Revolutionaries joining the fight to help find a new home for our show. But will it be enough?

Revolution Series Finale Left More Questions Than Answers

Well of course it did. It was meant to be a season finale, not series finale. From the way the ending went, I think they were setting up quite an interesting arc for season 3. The last few minutes alone just opened the door for a whole new aspect of this show that hadn’t been fully fleshed out yet, and that was the nano. For me, it was one of the most interesting part of the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Miles & Bass fighting the Patriots, but as a self proclaimed Sci-Fi geek, I can’t help but get wrapped up in the nanotech story. (Well, that and I have a bit of a crush on Aaron Pittman)

I digress… With the amount of possibilities this Revolution Finale offered up, I have a hard time imagining that there isn’t some other avenue that wants to finish the story. Send me your thoughts on the finale – I will be rewatching soon to get all my thoughts in order, and I would love to know what you think! Email them to [email protected] and in the Subject Line put “Revolution Finale Thoughts”. Hang in there Revolution fans, we’ll keep you updated on any news about the project and any new projects that the cast is getting involved in.


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