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First things first, I wasn't too excited about this film, at first. For the sole reason that Ben Affleck was going to be Batman. As most of you probably were as well. But then I got to thinking, Ben Affleck isn't a bad actor. Yes every actor has their flaws and flops, but that's not always their fault. But even then, I still wasn't too excited about it, mainly because it's a Zach Snyder film. I'll give him one prop, his visual effects are always beautiful. But when it comes to directing, I feel like Snyder rushes himself. Don't his stories always feel a little scattered everywhere? He has so many elements to be a great filmmaker and make history. He's already going to make history by making this film, but it very well could ruin his career. That leaves me with one question, will Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ruin or rebuild Zach Snyder's career?

As you all are aware, [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) has been pretty big news amongst comic book fans and movie goers. It does sound like a good idea, doesn't it? Well I didn't think so when they first announced it. Then I got to thinking. Of course this movie will have to be good, and here's five reasons why.

  • 1. Zach Snyder's Career is on the Line

Director Zach Snyder hasn't really impressed me, story wise since 300. I loved that movie. But to me, that was Snyder's only good film. Yes, I enjoyed the cinematography and visual effect of The Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and Man of Steel. But they lacked in story to me. The Watchmen was all over the place, Sucker Punch was okay at times, but honestly I didn't care for it. And Man of Steel was just too long. I liked the origin part of it, but there was just too much going on, after an hour and a half you forget that Superman has to fight Zod. So, Batman Vs. Superman has to be good, with every element to it. We all know it'll be visually stunning, but in order for it to be successful it better have a good story. Snyder can't mess this up because if he does, he might as well say goodbye to directing The [Justice League](movie:401267), and possibly his career.

  • 2. The Batsuit

As most of you have already seen, the brand new Batsuit for this film looks....AMAZING. It made me actually get excited about this film. As I said, I didn't care for this movie at all, until they released the first picture of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit and it brought me back to when I was a kid sitting at home watching the Batman cartoon. It looks exactly how the Batsuit should look. He has finally jumped straight out of the comic book; well, Frank Miller's comics. And now that they've officially announced it's an exact model of the Frank Miller comic series, i couldn't be more excited!

  • 3. Fans to Please

Zach Snyder doesn't only have a career to worry about, he has the fans as well. I understand that he is the director and it is his vision but when it comes to these kind of films (comic book movies), you have to keep the fans in mind. If the fans are not pleased then you're f**ked. That's really the simplest way I can put it. Snyder's already pleased the fans with the Batsuit, but will he please them with the film overall? We will just have to see.

  • 4. Ben Affleck

I'm sure most of you think I'm crazy by saying Ben Affleck might be the best Batman we've ever seen. Honestly, I can't believe I'm saying it either. Here's the thing, he's not a bad actor. He's not the greatest, but at least he's not Nicholas Cage. They could've casted someone completely unfitting. The more I thought about it, the more I started to be okay with it. I think Ben Affleck as Batman is the best possible choice. After seeing him in the new Batsuit, I had a change of heart and now I'm 100% behind Batfleck. He looks like Batman should look, he beefed up a lot for the role and looks amazing, and I think he will do a great job. I think he can pull of the old herman Bruce Wayne from Frank Miller's: The Dark Knight Returns.

  • 5. Lex Luthor

Okay, honestly, Jesse Eisenberg wouldn't have been my first choice. But they cast people for a reason, and he has stated in an interview that he will put a completely different take on Lex Luthor. He better not mess up either. He's a good actor too, I guess I just can't see him in that role. I'm sure he will surprise everyone and I am curious to see how he portrays the role, but then could be disastrous. We will just have to wait and see.


What do you think the outcome will be?


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