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Since The Batman Villains we CRAVE was so successful I thought I would do his most famous ally: Superman! We all know Superman is Clark Kent from the planet Krypton, last of his kind (except for Zod and Doomsday) and is almost invulnerable. He shoots lasers from his eyes, can fly, super strong, freezing breath, super speed, hearing and is pretty smart!

Now were talking about the movies of Superman. I know that some of the villains I'm going to list were in Smallville, but were talking about films like Batman vs. Superman and beyond! So your probably asking: What am I CRAVING? Well I'll tell you!


From Colu, Brainiac is a popular foe against Superman. Known for having the power to mimic Kryptonian powers and 12th level intelligence, he shrinks down cities and stores them in bottles for collecting. Shrinking down Metropolis and Kandor (the capital of Krypton) and of course trying to kill Lois Lane.

Now he was in Smallville season 5, but seeing him on the big screen would be a totally different game! He would be an awesome foe to Superman, I think he is a idea foe in the early Superman movies. He would then lead Superman to fight other foes like...


Ranked the 52nd greatest villain of all time, John Wayne Corben is a cyborg who's power source is a kryptonite suit. As we know kryptonite is the rock that is Superman's only weakness. So you could only image what it's like for Superman to fight this powerful foe! He has a similar back story like Iron Man, he was super messed up and need his body repaired. So a man called Professor Vale gave him a cyborg body that ran on kryptonite, like Iron Man's archreactor, but kryptonite. Impressive right!

Well he was also in Smallville for 3 episodes in the 9th season. Now unlike Brainiac, Metallo should get a back story. They should develop how he got the cyborg body and how he got the kryptonite. Warners Bros, if your planning on putting him in a Superman movie, at least develop his character!


Was there any doubt people? I mean c'mon Doomsday is a total classic! He is also a fellow Kryptonian, he has all the same features as Superman (except for flying and lasers), but also has automatic camouflage which is freaking awesome. Most famous for "killing" Superman. Yes you read that right he killed Superman!

Again, he was in Smallville as the main villain in season eight. He was portrayed not so great. Doomsday is suppose to be a huge Hulk like figure that is extremely rocky and strong. He looked kinda cheap in the Smallville days, but it has been rumored that he is going to be in Batman vs. Superman along with Lex Luthor. So they better make him right and look sexy!

As usual, below are other Superman villains that should be in a Zack Snyder film or who ever is going to make it. There are actually a lot of villains that deserve to be in a movie, so below are the rest!

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I didn't write about him because one: it's a super obvious choice and two: In Justice League Villains we CRAVE, he was one of them so check that out if you wanna here my opinion on that!


What villain should be in a Superman film?


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