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There are a lot of conflicting thoughts on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some say it's gonna tank, some say its gonna be great. I personally, think we need to give it a chance. I'm going to tell you why people thinks it's going to be bad, why people think it's gonna be good, then I'm gonna put your minds to rest and tell you why, there is no need to fear.

Why people are worried it's going to be a bad movie:

  • Batfleck is just going to be another daredevil
  • Too many characters
  • It's being rushed
  • It's going to be to slow and boring
  • Batman is too old

That is a few reasons why people think the movie is going to be bad.

Now here is a few reasons why people with think its going to be good:

  • Batfleck has gotten better as a dramatic a tor since DD, examples are The Town and Argo
  • Man of Steel was a good movie, not to dark, not over done, but just right. And Henry Chavill has proven he can be a good Superman.
  • We know Zack Synder can do a good group superhero movie because of watchmen.
  • We know Neither Batman or Superman is going to die because without them there is no JL!
  • With a Older Batman, we might just lead into a Batman Beyond Spin-off!
  • And the best reason, this movie is the Henry Cavill Superman, and not the Brandon Routh Super-Fail!
This... I... Just no....
This... I... Just no....

So I'm going to take the list of things people are worrying about for the movie, and put your worries to rest.

Batfleck is gonna be another DD:

Well no, every actor in the world has a bad period in his/hers career. Ben affleck was when he did DD. But he has come so far since then. If you have seen Argo, you know he can be dramatic. I would Compare it to Good Will Hunting, but that was young Ben, not older Ben.

To many Characters:

Well, the only people who have been said to be in it is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg. Now, we don't know HOW BIG the characters are going to be. It is said, there will be more Bruce Wayne than Batman, and if that is the case, Wonder Woman and Cyborg will have really small parts. Like after credits scene small.

It's being rushed:

No. People complain about it being rushed, then they complain about it being pushed back. Its pushed back so it can be made better and less rushed!

It's going to be slow and boring:

Again, not really. If it is like the man of steal, then it will pull you in and keep you watching, even if there isn't a person in a suit in every scene!

Batman is to old:

Well, this one is more a opinion then a worry. I say, a old Batman is good, he is smarter, has better fighting skills, more trained, and again, after like, maybe two or three JL movies and the three confirmed solo batman films, we can get us a Batman Beyond spin-off which can lead to so much more.

So there you go. Why you should worry less and give [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) a chance. Let me know what you think of this in the comments. Thank you and i'll see you in the next one!


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