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Gareth Edwards, director of Godzilla, is to direct the first of the Star Wars spin-off films set for 2016. Nothing has really been released about this film, besides Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan writing two of three spin-offs. I think having Gareth Edwards direct is a good move, he is a fresh director and having an open world of possibilities, it could work as a great opportunity to bring some fresh material to work with these spin-off films. I liked Godzilla, (to read my review on Godzilla, click here), I think Edwards' style could fit in well with the Star Wars universe. He could bring something really neat into the series, if he does it right. I mean who wouldn't want to see a badass fight scene between a Jedi and a huge monster, not Godzilla huge, but very large. Watching Godzilla I could tell he really likes CGI, and in Star Wars, I think he will fit in just fine. It has me thinking, what are they going to do? A Han Solo movie? A Boba Fett movie? Yoda? I'm interested to see what comes out of it. I kind of want them to do the Jedi Knight video game plot. That story has so much depth to have potential on the big screen. But, since Disney owns the rights to the saga now, you know it will not stop after Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, plus the spin-off films, it's Disney. They're going to continue the series for generations, if they will be quality films, which I hope they will be for the sake of the series. I'm sure they're will be Episodes X, XI, and XII, anyone else think so? I am curious to see what will be delivered to the Star Wars universe in the next ten years.


What do you want to see in the Star Wars spin-off films?


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