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So I'm sure by now we've all read the David S. Goyer rant about She-Hulk just being a sex object that resulted in fan backlash but aside from that, there was another comment he made about She-Hulk that caught my attention.

Goyer: She’s still pretty chunky. She was like Chyna from the WWE.

Almost instantly I thought to myself, "Hold on, so does David S. Goyer consider any woman that has curves or has muscles, chunky? Could this have affected the casting of [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) to go from a Gina Carano body type to a Gal Gadot instead?"

Hear me out, back in her WWE days, Chyna was a very popular female pro-wrestler. She was considered strong, sexy, could get in the ring with any man on the WWE roster back in the Attitude Era when you had wrestlers like Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H running things plus, she was in Playboy. Now, if Goyer considers a Chyna's body type to be chunky, then naturally the casting would have to go the other way because of course they wouldn't want a chunky Wonder Woman.

Many fans wanted Gina Carano to get the role, they wanted a Wonder Woman that was gonna kick ass and I believe many fans were willing to sacrifice a great actress for a more credible bad ass. Naturally, when the Gal Gadot name dropped fans got mad, so now not only did WB not pick a more credible actress but they also sacrificed the kick ass factor as well? This was a really puzzling choice and now with this Goyer quote, it makes me think that perhaps Gina Carano was considered too chunky for the role. What do you guys think? Leave a comment.


Did Goyer's views on more athletic women affect the Wonder Woman casting?


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