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The Flash

At least 4.2 million people as of now have seen the trailer for the spinoff to Arrow. So many comments from confused people fill the YouTube page. Typical comments:

  • I'll watch this!
  • This is really cool!
  • Spider-Man? Is that you?
  • Why did they spoil the entire first season?
  • Why did they spoil the entire movie?
  • When does the movie come out?
  • Will this connect with Justice League?
  • That costume sucks!
  • I hope they don't screw it up like Smallville!
  • That "lightning gave me abs" line is stupid!...
  • I can't wait! :)

As you can see, the non-comic book fans are confused as heck. Some people reply to the "Will this connect with [Justice League](movie:401267)?" comments by saying "no".

4.2 million viewers are people who could potentially watch the show. That's a lot of people. It helps that the people who watch Arrow will watch the Flash. If around 3 million people watch the show and say 2-3 million people watch Arrow, they'll be confused about why there are two Justice League members on TV and different actors in cinemas. I mean DC can't ignore this big decision; it's important! Set the costume aside, and I think most of us would love this DC Cinematic Universe.

However, it has not been officially said whether the universes are connected or not!

In an interview of Fandago and Berlanti, he said some characters were restricted. That is it!

Warner Brothers is most likely still deciding. There are talks, and it depends on the success of The Flash TV show, since he is the core member of the Justice League.

Seriously, audience will only get more confused if DC refuses to connect the two universes. Geoff Johns wrote the pilot of [The Flash](movie:15273) and is an executive of Dawn of Justice, so I hope he's involved in setting the cinematic universe up.

Now about Dawn of Justice! The title is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I think quite a few people didn't know that Man of Steel referred to Superman, so they didn't go. I bet even fewer knew what World's Finest was. At least Batman Begins had Batman in the title and in the movie, the audience knew that they also called him Dark Knight. Everyone will know what Batman v Superman is. They're two of the most iconic characters. Even people who haven't watched anything related to them at least have heard of them or seen them on merchandise.

WB, if you are reading this: connect your CW's Arrow/Flash with your Man of Steel/Batman v Superman/Justice League/Wonder Woman universe!


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