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The Uncanny X-Men are a personal favorite of mine, so whenever I hear of a new film I perk my ears up and nit pick. Like most die hard comic fans I have issues with the X-men films, but Days of Future's Past is surprisingly the best cinematic representation of the X-men. This film reminds us of why we love these characters whatever their incarnation, because we all find that little grain of human struggle and self parallel in them. They are both heroes and people Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Mystique reminds us that while usually an antagonist she has her motives. James Macavoy and Michael Fassbender Remind us that Magneto and professor X can work wonders with a temporary alliance .

Characters aside (because the best parts are spoilers an no one enjoys that) the plot was appealing to comic fans and cinema buffs alike.You leave fully entertained and with hopes that maybe the X-men are finally being represented like they are supposed to be. there are charming bits that will thrill comic lovers(because we understand exactly why it's funny) and nostalgic references for the film only fans. All in all Go see it .


Do you think X-Men DOFP has a comfortable balance for Comic and film fans?


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