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Vampires are everywhere. Our be-fanged friends entrance us from the silver screen in movies like the Twilight and romance us from the pages of fiction.

But, would we be so enamoured if these undead icons really walked among us? Check out our list of real life vampires and judge for yourself.

Whether they are mad, bad or fuzzy, there is no denying that vampires really do exist.

The Mad

1. Don Henrie

You might think Don Henrie is a professional Marilyn Manson impersonator at first glance, but this guy has teeth. Literally. Henrie is a self proclaimed real-life vampire who sleeps in a coffin and sips on donated blood from a wine glass. Keeping it classy!

This modest Prince of Darkness also refers to himself as 'The Vampire Don' and has became an unlikely sex symbol thanks to the explosion of Twilight fuelled undead enthusiasts.


2. Julia Caples

Julia Caples is just like any other devoted mom of two. Except for the fact she gulps down half-a-gallon of human blood a month!

This suburban housewife began to thirst for blood when she bit her lover's lip as a teenager, and her cravings are rampant to this day. She explains that "'When I feed off of a person and drink their blood I feel stronger and healthier". More proof the placebo effect is real!


3. Anshar Seraphim

Not all vampires 'vant to suck your blood' - some of them are content to feed on your soul instead. Anshar Seraphim is the leader of a faction of 'energy' or 'pranic' vampires who believe they extract an unidentified energy from normal human beings. Like you do.


The bad

4. Josephine Smith

"I'm a vampire. I'm going to eat you" were the words spat out by a butt naked Josephine Smith before she started to tear pieces of a homeless man's face off with her teeth. When arrested, she denied all knowledge of the incident. I guess you have a lot to remember when you're an eternal soul.


5. Anonymous Turkish Blood Addict

Described by medical doctors as having 'vampirism', this anonymous Turkish man had a rabid desire to get his lips on some blood by any means.

He described his bloodlust as being as "urgent as breathing" and he resorted to stealing blood from blood banks to feed his unholy habit. Unfortunately it didn't stop there though.

The 23-year-old man was arrested for stabbing and biting several people on the street in a desperate attempt to feed from them. Needless to say, he's now in psychiatric care.


6. The Butcher of Hanover

One of the most prolific serial killers of all time, Fritz Haarmann used notoriously brutal methods to dispatch his 24 victims. He killed most of them by, in his own words, "biting through the Adam's apple, throttling them at the same time". He then dismembered his 24 victims and flushed their remains down the toilet, or tossed them into the canal.

Haarmann was executed by guillotine and scientists studied his brain for abnormalities. His severed head is kept in a jar at Göttingen medical school to this day.


7. Caius Domitius Veiovis

Caius Domititus Veiovis is due to stand trial for the abduction and murder of 3 men, but that isn't why this self proclaimed devil worshipper appears in our vampiric gallery of horrors.

He has previously been convicted of aggravated assault charges for slashing a 16-year-old girl and ritualistically drinking her blood.

Want to know what a real life vampire has to say about the Twilight franchise? Veiovis has a very hardline opinion that Bella and Edward "inspire him to vomit hot blood". His forehead implants have a similar effect on me.


The Fuzzy

8. The Vampire Bat

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. This little beastie unknowingly spawned the vampire stories that we know and love today, but you still wouldn't want to share a room with him.

The vampire bat feeds entirely on blood and this be-fanged monster can lap up 20 grams of the red stuff in one sitting. Delicious.


9. The Vampire Moth

The lesser known Vampire Moth, or Calyptra, is the mosquito of your wildest nightmares. This little guy uses its needle-like proboscis to drill through the skin of mammals - humans included - and gorge itself on their tasty, tasty blood.


10. Vampire Finch

Probably the most monstrous of the vampiric creatures, this innocent looking finch is a blood thirsty sociopath. Jabbing its razor sharp beak into its docile neighbors gives this Galapagos native an important food supplement - and its victims some brutal flesh wounds.

It might look diminutive, but these 'feathered friends' regularly drink baby chicks over 20 times their size dry in fatal feeding frenzies.


Are you convinced that vampires walk among us? Spread the word and educate your friends about this sinister supernatural phenomenon!


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