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When it comes to entertainment Hollywood is the dominant force, it is the ‘The Godfather’ of all things that we consider to be entertainment. Whether it’s a night out to the cinema or nights in on the sofa the products of Hollywood are always within an arms reach. Be it movie billboard or advert for your favourite TV show, Hollywood either inspired it or had a hand in making it.

These beautiful unrivalled nuggets of entertainment are what we rely on to keep us captivated night after night, year after year and this isn’t set to change anytime soon, or is it?

Enter the gamer. Gaming technology is now at a standard to rival and in certain cases depose, the mighty superpower that is Hollywood. With Major cooperation’s like Microsoft and Sony pushing each other to their absolute computing limits it has produced a generation of machine that has given game developers a platform like no other to work with.

Who knew that the humble beginnings of Atari’s simulated table tennis game Pong in 1975, would in a few short years, spark the development of a global market now worth $70billion with over 1.2billion active players worldwide.

And my word haven’t they done well, gaming titles now have become interactive dramas leading us into a whole new world of entertainment for the masses.

Till now we went to the movies to escape our reality and enter an alternate world and we lived vicariously through usually over muscular men with dodgy accents. Now with this new generation of gaming titles and consoles we ourselves have become the protagonist (without the accent) within games that play out like movies. We are the hero.

Titles released now are no longer linear platforms, they have open worlds, numerous different endings and player customisation to the extent of putting your own face and voice to your character. It truly is an exciting time to be a gamer.

Gaming is no longer a niche hobby. It attracts all ages, both sexes and crosses all boundaries with even Hollywood stars lending their voices and faces to leading characters.

Call of Duty Ghosts
Call of Duty Ghosts

The top game in the world is Call of Duty (COD), now an industry in itself with over 100 million players worldwide, 25 billion hours played to date, 10 million players every day.

Late 2013 was witness to not just a revolution of the gaming industry with the release of brand new next generation consoles but an evolution of top titles like Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and GTA 5 transforming the way we will play games forever.

2014/15 is promising to deliver gaming experiences we are yet to even fathom with titles such as Watchdogs, Halo 5 and Destiny (to name a few), with epics like these giving players the option to do, whatever they want within a complete other world or even several worlds, leads gamers to experience millions of possible eventualities and achieve completely different outcomes each time, hold onto experiences that no one else has ever had because it is now your world to explore and interact with and this means a gaming experience, as unique as you are.

One word, Warhammer.

Personally this game would make one hell of a great movie not only that but it has huge series potential. Set in a dystopian science-fantasy "grimdark" universe, the Warhammer space-fantasy setting spans a vast fictional universe set in the far future of the forty-first millennium.

Its various factions and races include the Imperium of Man, a decentralized yet totalitarian interstellar empire that has ruled the vast majority of humanity for millennia, the Orks, the Eldar, Daemons, Space Marines, Chaos Marines, and the Necron horde among a few others.

With countless planets, factions, races and empires to explore there is endless scope for any adventurous director to lead a cinema audience through countless worlds.

With vast armies, all out war and memorable powerful race leaders it allows for gaming fans and movie goers alike to forge alliances on screen with their favourite races and characters securing a rock solid foundation for a stellar loyal following in the theatres. It's Star Wars on steroids!

Take a look at this cinematic from Warhammer: Dawn of War and just think what Hollywood could do with it.

You better buckle up and hold on tight because the time of the gamer is here, it’s our time, It’s Gametime!

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