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Troy E. Daniels

Possible Green Lantern connection to The Flash

We have already seen the Ferris logo in the new Flash TV series that is scheduled to air this fall on the CW network but are there any concrete signs that we could be seeing Green Lantern’s in our future?

IMDB, the Internet Movie Database, is always great about keeping us up to date as to who is playing who, what they are doing and all that for various shows, even ones that have not aired yet.

In the listing of actors that are going to be in at least the first episode of [The Flash](movie:15273) one name pops out…


Now.. it’s a long shot I know but what if this is Kyle Rayner, the young artist who became Green Lantern after Hal Jordan and a small host of others. Taking a look at the picture of the actor I could certainly see a resemblance to Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern. What do you think?

Is it remotely possible that they are putting someone in the pilot for The Flash that might eventually turn into Green Lantern? They are already dropping in actors to eventually play Killer Frost and Vibe, so why not?

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