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So over the last couple of decades since her inception, Wonder Woman has appeared in many different incarnations but her most memorable appearance to most is still the Linda Carter TV show. The character herself has grown, been re-imagined and is practically the 2nd most powerful character in the Justice League right behind Superman. She's so powerful that Batman's backup plan if Wonder Woman should ever turn evil is to send Superman at her.

The character has evolved in ways that most mainstream audiences wouldn't imagine and I'm starting to wonder if audiences would even accept a Wonder Woman that is closer to the source material these days. For instance, its been said that Wonder Woman doesn't have a very strong rogue's gallery and in the current incarnation of the character, it was explained that she pretty much doesn't let her enemies live. She practically calls out Batman and Superman on the fact that their villains keep coming back while her's don't because she takes care of the problem, permanently.

In comics its well known that out of the Trinity, Superman and Batman don't kill but Wonder Woman does due to the fact that she's an Amazon Warrior, this makes for great character contrasts due to their differing ideologies. (SPOILERS, skip to next paragraph) Many fans of Wonder Woman felt robbed when in the Man of Steel movie, Superman kills Zodd essentially robbing her of a key part of what separates her character from her male counterparts.

Even now, she's been rebooted as a daughter of Zues and is currently the God of War in the comics giving her almost a sort of warrior bloodlust. I could go on and on but my point is that this ain't your grandma's [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) and my question is, are mainstream audiences even ready for that, would Hollywood even allow it?


Are mainstream movie goers ready for a Wonder Woman that's more true to the source material?


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