ByJohn Junior, writer at
John Junior

In the officially titled Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice, expect Superman (Henry Cavill) to still represent hope, but Batman (Ben Affleck) to potentially have a slight tweak to his normal representation of fear. Batman has always been the symbol for putting fear into those who prey on the fearful.

Since this movie is a follow-up to [Man of Steel](movie:15593) as opposed to a sequel, expect equal storytelling of why these two will be facing off. Batman more than likely will be the representation of the humans who fear and revile Superman. The events ofMan Of Steel left Metropolis ravaged with potentially hundreds of human casualties even though Kal-El saved the planet. So expect for Superman to be a polarizing figure in the eyes of people in Metropolis and around the world. The Dark Knight’s skeptical mind will lead him to confronting and Superman.

To balance out the Caped Crusader’s overt one-sided judgement of the alien, Alfred (Jeremy Irons) may have to remind Bruce of the damage he has caused as Batman. In the end since these two will eventually team up with others to form the Justice League, Kal-El will have to be the one to convince Batman that he means no harm to mankind.


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