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Since Arrow has been confirmed for a new season and everyone (including myself) has posted about the finale and the direction we think the show is headed in (i.e.darker, edgier). I decided to think about, research and post my top 5 picks for new/teased characters I want to see on the show in the next 1-3 years and why. Without further ado, here they are (in order of likeliness they'll actually be in the show):

Cheshire (Willa Holland)

Thanks to Commenter Scott Dyke for telling me about this Character. I don't remember ever hearing of her before, but after seeing her photo on the DC Wiki and comparing it to Willa Holland (Thea Queen) as seen above you can tell why I think this is the alter ego they are choosing for her. Plus the fact that Cheshire had a fling/relationship with Roy (and had a child), and that she now hates him it seems a perfect fit as far as the show's writing up to this point. I hope they go with a green version of Nyssa's outfit if they put Thea in Costume on the show.

Red Hood (Madison Smith)

After going through 50-100 actors in their Early to Mid twenties, I finally settled on Madison Smith to come in as Red Hood on the show. Why Red Hood? Because we all know that since the show references Bludhaven, has hinted at Harley Quinn being in the Suicide Squad, and has the Huntress in a recurring role that it is just a matter of time that more of the Bat Family/ Enemies will be introduced on the show. Who better to lead them off then someone who is BOTH of the above? A former Robin who is now an Enemy of Batman. His intro is easily written as well. While Thea is training with her father, she uses his resources to find and hire Jason Todd (Red Hood) to kidnap Roy and bring him to her for her own brand of justice. He knows how she feels about being betrayed and agrees on principal to not kill Roy himself and deny her the revenge she craves. (It helps with my casting that as of yesterday, Madison Smith doesn't have anything in Development). One of the reasons I picked him is because he has worked with Val Kilmer (Batman) and Billy Zane (Phantom) in the past, so he could have potential inroads to the process of becoming a Comic Character in live action if they are/were willing to share that information with him.

Harley Quinn (Tara Strong)

She is another of Batman's Rogues that I can see on the show. The only reason she isn't above Red Hood on this list is because she still has a Game in Post Production (In which she voices Harley Quinn) and Madison Smith doesn't. She has already voiced Harley Quinn (or at least someone similar, since she wasn't credited as Harley) in the Suicide Squad episode of Arrow this year, so once she finishes doing her voice-overs/motion capture for the Arkham game she is working on now it wouldn't be that big a leap to have her come back on in a recurring role. She could even help in the Red Hood intro to the show since she has been around Diggle and knows a little about Team Arrow. The Combination of Red Hood and Harley Quinn could be what the show uses to introduce Nightwing or Robin (Hopefully Nightwing) to the show as well.

Sandra Moonday Hawke (Anna Hopkins)

In case you don't recognize the lovely and talented (in my opinion) young lady above, she has already been on Arrow in a couple of flashback scenes. She is the young lady (credited on the Arrow Wiki page as "Sandra" only) that was given the $2 million dollars to move to Central City after lying to Oliver about his child not being born. I also have a way they can have her return to the show in a recurring role as well and it could help introduce their son, Conner Hawke, to the show in the future if it continues doing well. As we all know Central City is a hot mess right now because of the events that led to the creation of the Flash. So, what if Conner was injured in the blast and needs a blood transfusion/skin graft/ bone marrow transplant and Oliver is the only match? She would be aware that Moira is dead and have to decide either to continue in silence and have her son die or possibly lose all that money and have him live. I know what most mothers would do in that situation. They could even use this story arc as part of a cross-over between the Flash and Arrow shows. She has one movie in Post Production, so it wouldn't be hard for the show to get her for the role if they decide to go in that direction.

Nightwing/Robin (Drew Roy)

I have Drew Roy last on my list because he has a movie in Pre-Production right now, so it would be awhile before he could do the show (maybe mid season or season 4). I also looked over between 50 - 100 actors in their mid to late twenties before settling on him for Nightwing. As with the actors above, I have an "in" for him to enter the show. I would start off by introducing him as Dick Grayson and having him use his money and influence to help Oliver with getting his company back and dealing with his Financial issues. Then later on (after Red Hood and Harley Quinn team up to go after Roy for Thea), he could show up as Nightwing to help stop them since he would feel partially responsible for who Jason Todd has become and has knowledge of how to defeat Harley Quinn with minimal casualties. As with Madison Smith above, One of the reasons I picked Drew Roy for this role is because he is currently working with Jason Momoa (Rumored for several Comic Roles, most notably Doomsday) and Gary Elwes (Voiced Aquaman (another possible Momoa role) in the animated Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox movie). So, he may also have potential Mentors/inroads to the process of becoming a comic book character on screen (or at least voicing one).

There you have them folks, my top five choices to appear on Arrow along with casting. Do you agree or disagree with my choices and why? as always comment below and follow me on [email protected] if you like.


Which of these Five Characters do you want to see as a Regular on Arrow?


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