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There are few previews that make you think an actor or actress was perfect for the role. You don't need to see the movie to know that they nailed it. That's the feeling I get when I see previews for Disney's Maleficent. Angelina Jolie looks great, sounds great and makes you think that even if the story sucks this will be worth seeing. This made me wonder what other actors could make excellent Disney villains.

Stepmother – Meryl Streep

Just back up the award truck into her driveway… the fact is that Streep could play anyone on this list and probably strike gold. Here is why Streep would be perfect: Stepmother is not someone who is violent, she instead is very cunning, she thinks, but most of all she is quiet. I can remember watching multiple movies where I was more impressed with the things Streep said through her nonverbal than the delivery of her lines. There is a creepy calmness that Stepmother provides for her daughters and a stink of hatred for Cinderella. Streep could effortlessly navigate that division and not have the movie turn into a pumpkin when it hit theaters.

Gaston – Hugh Jackman

Gaston is a villain I actually mildly liked. He has by far one of the best songs about himself that Disney has ever created. The song depicts Gaston as the ultimate alpha male, the king of fights, the best beer drinker, and the best at everything. How is that not Hugh Jackman? The man can sing, dance and is built like a Greek god. The only hard part for this role would be making sure that Beauty isn’t too young for him (maybe Jennifer Lawrence?) and that you could explain how she wouldn’t fall in love with the Hugh Jackman. Seriously though, Jackman can be ferocious when needed, cocky all the time, and play a bit of a goof too. He would be an awesome villain and knock this role down.

Madame Medusa – Catherine O’Hara

O’Hara may be a bit too old for this particular role, and I highly doubt the mice in a live action movie could be as impressive as the ones in the animation (just think of how pissed PETA would be for all of the mice stunt doubles), but nonetheless, this casting would work. If you remember the movie you may recall being terrified of this crazy woman who traveled on a swampmobile and stole a small child. Now, think back to some of O’Hara’s scenes in Home Alone, crazily looking for her son, screaming. She is even a bit scary when she is reprimanding him. Most of her roles have been more fun and less terrifying than Madame Medusa, but turn up her crazy a notch and she nails the role. Possible alternative: Kristin Wiig.

Percival C. McLeach – Steven Seagal

Seagal may have eaten himself out of this role, but as McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under, you could easily see him taking some of his action hero aggression and turning it into a ruthless kidnapping, eagle poaching, egg eating machine. There was always something about McLeach’s smile that made you slightly wet your pants as a child, and Seagal can have that same impact on you. Seagal would have also been a good choice for Gaston, but due forces outside of his control (ya know, aging) this would be a better fit.

Evil Queen – Megan Fox

I don’t know if it is the eyebrows or the thought in my head that says Megan Fox may actually ask her mirror questions she wants answers to, but I personally think she would be a great choice for the evil queen. Sure, she doesn’t look old, but I almost don’t think that matters, she looks like she could be a total bitch - which is essentially what the Evil Queen is. Charlize Theron was good in Snow White and the Huntsman, but Fox could show more aggression as a self-centered person as the Evil Queen.

Ursula – Kathy Bates

As a full figured woman, er, sea creature, Ursula is not the typical female villain for Disney. Kathy Bates would be a great choice for the role though. She has had a very lengthy film career and played numerous roles that feature her as a sweet person and some that make her seem slightly scary. Bates laugh would be the perfect sound to match the evilness that Ursula carries in her arsenal. The best part of this is Bates has a face that you would want to trust until you get her pissed at you. Sure her voice might not fit perfectly for Poor Unfortunate Souls, but I bet she could pull that off.

Claude Frollo – Alan Rickman

Rickman may never have a better role created than being Snape. However, Claude Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame might be a close second. We know that Rickman can play the dark and tough character that requires a certain level of dislike from the audience. Claude Frollo almost has a feeling that he is doing the correct thing, despite being the villain – sounds fairly familiar to how Snape was portrayed. This would give Rickman a chance to take the skill from Harry Potter and transform it into a new character that he has already excelled in.

Hades – Conan O’Brien

Hades might be one of the more comical villains in all of the Disney movies. He has a touch of humor with a lot of pent up rage. If that sentence doesn’t describe Conan, I don’t know what does. While Conan might not be an actor, he really only needs to be himself for this role.

Jafar – Don Cheadle

Jafar might be one of the coolest villains in all of Disney. Don Cheadle has the coolness about him but also could be rather scary if you crossed him. Do you want to fight with Don Cheadle? He looks like he is plotting world domination when he isn’t smiling anyway.

Captain Hook – Dustin Hoffman

See the movie Hook. Nailed it. Okay, I'll add one more villain to make up for this one...

Sid (TOY STORY) – Justin Bieber

Sid needed to be taught a lesson by things that were sick of being hurt by him. Justin Bieber needs to be taught a lesson by people who are sick of him.


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