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As you may know that in my CRAVE series, I usually worry about one particular superhero or group. But, for the tenth CRAVE article, I'm doing a special on the Superheroes (and villains) that need to be rebooted and redone! Now I know that some of you are going to be offended if I say a good hero or villain that was portrayed needs to be redone, but hey, we all got our own minds! And what's on my mind is what I'm CRAVING!

I would also like to note that this is going to be a TWO PART article. So after this will be The Superhero/villain Reboots we CRAVE Part 2, so if your saying I'm missing some characters, they'll probably be on part 2!

Fantastic Four

You probably guessed this due to the fact they are in the opening picture. In 2005 we were given the long waited Fantastic Four movie with Ioan Gruffudd, Micheal Chiklis, Chris Evans and Jessica Alba. Was the movie good? No. Was it bad? No. It was a OK movie, but not the best. Then in 2007's the Rise of the Silver Surfer, again it was an OK movie, but not what we wanted. Dr. Doom was great in those movies I thought he was well played and well portrayed, but for the other characters....they were again OK.

A reboot as been planned for 2015 and the Fantastic Four cast as been announced. But, the thing to worry about is if there actually going to carry on with this. Like a couple superheroes have been planned and hyped up, but they were never released or never started filming. This is a movie that I want to happen, mainly because Dr. Doom is my favorite villain of all time. But, I also know that other people want this group as well! So it needs to happen!


Again another OK movie. In 2003 Ben Affleck played the "Man without fear" Daredevil. Again in that movie the villains were pretty great, but Ben Affleck really didn't make me feel like he is really Daredevil. The action scenes were pretty bad and the script could of been better. Kingpin in that movie was awesome, even though there was a race change, he still was amazing!

20th Century Fox owns both Fantastic Four and [Daredevil](movie:47230). And all there doing is X-Men now, which is slowly coming to an end. So, Fox needs to pick up the pace with making these movies come to life again and doing them right. Especially, Daredevil because he has some awesome villains and cross overs with the Fantastic Four that would make for some bad-a** movies!


I'm kinda stretching it here with [Deadpool](movie:38663), and hating all over Fox, but he definitely needs to be redone. A newly popular anti-hero, Deadpool was finally in a movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As seen below.

Now lets compare the two, they look nothing alike. So many fans were seriously disappointed to see there favorite hero get a totally new look. No mouth, lasers, sword arm things and etc. He looks totally cool, but it's not what we were looking for. And in the end of X-Men Origins, he comes back to life with his mouth open, signalling that he will be in another movie as the real Deadpool we know. Now Fox better not be teasing us about him and actually make the movie. Whether it's a hard R-rated film or a PG-13 movie, he needs to be redone sometime in the future!

As usual below are SOME other heroes and villains that deserve a reboot, some others will be included in Part 2 of this series.

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Venom in Spider-man 3 was horrible, don't lie
Venom in Spider-man 3 was horrible, don't lie


We need her done right! C'mon Gotham you got this!
We need her done right! C'mon Gotham you got this!


Yes he was in a movie!
Yes he was in a movie!



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