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When it was announced that young starlet and Divergent leading star Shailene Woodley would star in the Amazing Spider-Man 3 to take on the role of Mary Jane Watson, it was generally well-accepted. She had that look, that energy, that SMILE, that playfulness and that sexiness. She had it. Sure, they are way more beautiful women on the acting plate to choose from, yet Shailene had me heart-struck with the power of her smile, her genuine and down-to-her personality that also has this witty and sassy side as well.

And unlike Kirsten Dunst, (no offense to her fans) I do like her, but it’s just… she just wasn't MJ-material to my eyes, the 21-year-old actress had that energetic and sexy go-get-them-Tiger persona. She was imbued in it. And may I say when it comes to looks, I feel safer to bet on Woodley. Again, I’m not bashing Kirsten, but she seemed more damsel-in-distress than the beautifully strong MJ that I knew from the comic books.

Unfortunately, our MJ-to-be will probably have her plate full as filming of the Divergent sequel, Insurgent, will start on May 27th, 2014. And that’s not all: the third instalment of this franchise will not only be split in two films, Allegiant Part 1 and Part 2, but the latter will be released in March 2017 according Summit Entertainment.

Unless she develops some superhuman speed to go back and forth, as much as I would want her to play Spidey’s girlfriend, I doubt to see that happening. Her interest of the role is still intact and there, but these Divergent sequels might not leave her enough time to breath for it:

If the MJ role would have to be given to someone else, who would be your pick?

Here’s a number of things that the actress would have to be able to pull on the big screen plat the crimson-haired bombshell:


No, I’m talking in a drop-dead-Playboy-Habba-Abba-GODDAMN kind of way. (Okay, maybe a little, tiny bit…) If there’s one thing hot about MJ, it’s her mind. She has this way of interacting with our web-crawler, that spunky, flirting and playful way, the kind that messes with your mind, but you just like it even more. I want to see that!


That word probably doesn't exist, so let me clarify. In the first trilogy, I didn't see much of Mary Jane cheering Peter Parker up. In the comic continuity, God knows what would have happen if MJ wasn't there during his hard times (well we did see at numerous occasions how it led to.) The hot red-haired supermodel had been Spidey’s backbone: in heart, soul and morals. When Spider-Man felt his world torn apart, MJ was the bridge that always, if not most of the time, brought him back to his good old self again. She’s Spider-man’s home to where he must always return to. I’d like to see that kind of chemistry on the big screen.


Being Spider-man’s girl means to be able to handle the good and bad (LOADS of bad) that comes with it. Though they were times when MJ felt she was going to die, I always found her courageous and strong to stick around and even to stand to Spidey’s enemies win her own way, making her looking more like a strong woman than a simple damsel in distress, even when she was in distress. I believe this must be shown. It’s a must!

Of course, the script writers would have to make that happen. After all, the actors mainly do what's on the script. But still...

What do you think? If the role should be recast (which at probably 95% might be), who would you pick to play the sensational Mary Jane Watson? Please comment and let me know!

As for my personal opinion, I wouldn't mind seeing:

Rachel Hurd-Wood

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Picture source from

Jane Levy

Picture source from
Picture source from

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Picture source from ASOS Magazine
Picture source from ASOS Magazine

Let me know your thoughts.


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