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I personally loved the original "Blade" movie, it is probably my all time favourite comic book adaptation. You can't go wrong with a day walking half-human half-vampire sometimes referred to as Dhampir, that hunts vampires for a living! Being that Wesley Snipes is currently in jail until 2013, I don't think his age is going to help him in being Blade again this life time. So I thought I would do a little look into possible actors I wouldn't mind seeing play Blade.

1. Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White would more than likely be my first choice, come on the man was Spawn he already has bad ass acclaim in the comic book adaptation world. He also has his action/martial arts movie background (Spawn, Universal Soldier, Undisputed and upcoming Mortal Kombat) that gives him a bonus over most other actors.

2. Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones already has played Blade for 12 episodes 1 being a 2 hour feature length episode, and it is safe to say I enjoyed him as Blade. His acting isn't the best but he is a rapper by trade, he still came across as a good character an I wouldn't mind seeing him taking over Snipes reins a "movie Blade".

3. Idris Elba

I know he's English an Snipes was American, but technically Blade himself is English born in a warehouse in Soho, London I believe coincidentally Elba's home city. He is 6 foot 2 an broadly built so a great size for Blade in my opinion an was a good "action star" as Roque in "The Losers".

4. Columbus Short

Columbus doesn't really have the background in action movies, or he doesn't really have much of a movie background he's a relatively young and under rated actor in my opinion. But after his display in "The Losers" like Elba as well, I believe Short has the potential to make a great action star and to make the movie more comical with his background of "Death At A Funeral", "This Christmas" and "Accepted".

5. Honourable Mentions

Will Smith

Erik King

Isaiah Mustafa

Tyrese Gibson


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