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On Moviepilot and other places, it seems that Aquaman is getting more appreciation and pushing away his useless image in the Super Friends.


Do you like Aquaman?

Is this exciting, or what?



Surfacing July 27, 2018



Will you watch "AQUAMAN?"

Written before the news the DC slate:

[Diane Nelson was picking (in an interview with THR) which DC movies she'd want to see. One of which was Justice League and another of which was--you guessed it-- [Aquaman](movie:264237).]

Jason Mamoa

[I do not have a picture of him at the moment, but you probably have seen him all over the Internet.]

He looks so intimidating and I have heard that he's a great actor, so I think he's a great choice.

I want him to be blonde. I really really do. It is my opinion, but I really want to see blonde hair. For me, that is how I always see him. If he kept his black hair, it would be like giving Bruce Wayne red hair (which actually sounds really cool). Seriously, I want to see that blonde hair.

Aquaman: Justice

Lights. Camera. Action.

Rumors suggest that he will appear in Dawn of Justice to confront someone in the aftermath of Zod's terraforming plan during Man of Steel. His cameo would happen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'd love to see him be the leader of the Justice League.


Kahina, a former Others member (search Aquaman and the Others on Google) is thought to appear in Batman v Superman after her name was discovered on a trailer.

In the comics, Black Manta and his own people murder her as she tries to find Aquaman. This brings "The Others" back together. Or at least in this case, she will somehow bring Aquaman into action.

Cool Costumes!

This dude with a username of BoyBlue made an image displaying the evolution of the character!

His website is in the bottom corner
His website is in the bottom corner

Just introduced was yet another redesign of the suit.

Future's End
Future's End

Just a side note, that's Aquaman and the Others because yes he deserves his own team. I like this suit a lot because it's a bit more stealthy.

Sorry to you Injustice Aquaman costume lovers, but I hate to say that as good as the Aquaman suit is in that game, I can't imagine a realistic guy swimming and fighting in that attire.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Aquaman is a king. Kings are rich. Kings have more resources. Kings are respected. So realistically, Aquaman will have many looks, as plenty as the amount of tridents. The one thing the trident requires is the gold look.

What should the Aquaman costume look like?

Jim Lee's cool art
Jim Lee's cool art

This is his look in Justice League, so he should have something along the lines of this. The mandarin collar in my opinion makes him look much more regal.


Which uniform should Aquaman have in Batman v Superman or Justice League?

Whatever he looks like, I'm excited!


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